6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building’s Commercial Laundry Equipment

6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building's Commercial Laundry Equipment

More Smart Features Than Ever!!!!!

The evolution of laundry machines has brought in new modern designs that foster efficient laundry cycles that produce excellent quality cleans while being eco-friendly. When you are operating a multi-housing laundry facility, your patrons are looking for high-quality machines that will provide optimal cleaning with time-efficient cycles. Top quality brand name washing machines and dryers such as Maytag and Speed Queen have taken their machines to new levels with top-rated smart features that increase the happiness of your customers while increasing your profit margins.

Laundry machines have new features that work to reduce running costs with energy-efficient cycles that use less water for each laundry cycle. The sleek designs of the machines use an automatic weighing function that helps to determine the appropriate levels of water and energy needed to have a sufficient clean cycle while still reducing the costs of operating the laundry machines. The unique spin cycles and concentrated cleans help to get all of your clothing to the original state they were in with ease.

Commercial laundry facilities were once only run with coin-operated machines. However, the days of people carrying coins have since gone as we embark on the new digital era. Laundry machines have moved to versatile payment options that allow you to complete laundry without having to worry about having enough coins. There are machines that offer card-operated payments and others that allow customers to pay with a smartphone app. These easy forms of payment allow your customers to pay with ease and will increase your profits by increasing the number of people that can access the laundry machines. The digital progression of laundry machines has developed new methods of checking the status of your laundry cycles through a remote digital notification system that comes right to your phone as well as voice activation through Amazon Alexa or Google Home to start or control your laundry cycles.

 Is it Time to Upgrade Your Building’s Laundry Equipment?

Maintaining the integrity of your laundry facility requires staying on top of any repairs that are needed and upgrading your laundry machines when necessary. There are specific indicators that you can be mindful of that will indicate it is time for you to upgrade your laundry equipment.

● If your washing machines or dryers begin to show wear and tear on the exterior or interior designs, it is a common indicator that your machines may be reaching their expiry date. Once they become worn out, there are often repairs and operating challenges that will follow.

● With the high volume of use from a common space laundry machine, there will be natural wear and tear that occurs, but there is only so much volume of laundry cycles a machine can handle before needing to be upgraded. Once machine parts begin to be broken or damaged, it may be worth your time to look into upgrading your machine rather than pay the cost of continuously fixing broken parts.

● Outdated features: If your machines have old systems of payment or are not equipped with eco-friendly functions, it can hinder your ability to make optimal profits. Customers may turn to other facilities that offer premier laundry machines with smart features and payments that best suit their needs.

6 Reasons to Upgrade Laundry Equipment

Upgrading your washing machines and dryers provides many benefits to your commercial laundry facilities that will help to increase the productivity within your facility, elevate customer satisfaction, and increase the profits within your business.

  1. Better quality: Upgraded laundry machines offer new functions that work to provide optimal spin and wash cycles to get out stains, dirt, and grime, allowing clothing to come out with crisp, pristine colors that look brand new. Each cycle produces top-quality cleans that will leave your customers coming back every time.

  2. Energy savings: Newer models of laundry machines are designed to be eco-friendly by reducing the output of water and minimizing the levels of energy needed to run a wash or dry cycle. The quality of cleaning after an eco-friendly wash or dry cycle has the same top results that are used in previous models while working to reduce the costs of running your laundry facilities.

  3. Higher levels of efficiency: As the customer traffic of your multi-housing laundry facility increases, you want to have top-quality machines that offer first-class cleaning in a reduced amount of time. Upgraded washing machines and dryers are designed to have high-performance cycles that provide premier cleaning within a shorter cycle period. By having faster acting cycles, it provides space for you to increase the number of customers you have in a given day within your facility, increasing your business capacity.

  4. Improve the appearance: With newer upgraded machines, it provides a modern look to your facility. The aesthetics of your facility will improve with newer washer and dryer models. When customers walk into a facility that looks modern, clean, and well-maintained, it will provide them with a sense of encouragement that their laundry can be trusted to be completed within a well-maintained facility.

  5. Improve customer satisfaction: Your customers are looking for a laundry facility that offers the best in leading brand name washing machines and dryers. When they are able to use high-quality machines that produce high levels of cleaning, within an efficient time frame, they will be encouraged to make your facility the only one they go to for completing their laundry.

  6. Increase in profitability: By making upgrades to your laundry machines, you are making an investment in the future of your business. With higher levels of satisfaction and reduced operational costs, your profits will continue to increase.

Commercial Laundries is Ready to Upgrade Your Building’s Laundry Equipment Today!

Commercial Laundries is able to provide you with the latest washer and dryer machine models that will elevate your laundry business to new levels. We offer leading brand names of laundry machines including Speed Queen, Maytag, and Miele which are trusted brands to provide high-quality cleans and user satisfaction. Our commitment to our customers is to provide Miami laundry businesses with washing machines and dryers that have the latest smart features and energy-efficient cycles to increase the satisfaction of your patrons and decrease the costs of your utilities and operational fees.

Call or visit Commercial Laundries to find the perfect upgraded laundry machines for your facilities today and upgrade your building’s laundry facilities to a new, modern service.

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