5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building’s Commercial Laundry Equipment

Are You Overdue for an Upgrade?

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Building's Commercial Laundry Equipment

A commercial laundry facility has a high volume of people utilizing your machines at any given time. Your customers and patrons have high expectations that your commercial washing machines and dryers are built to withstand the large volumes of usage each day to be able to effectively and efficiently clean and dry your clothes and linens. The evolution of washing machines and commercial dryers has dramatically changed over the years to include many different eco-friendly functions, and specific wash, and dry cycles to maintain the quality of all your clothing and linens, even the most delicate fabrics, and keep your colors vibrant and whites crisp and clean. 

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving commercial laundry facilities, it is important to complete ongoing maintenance and recognize when it is time to upgrade your commercial laundry machines. As you complete regular maintenance on your laundry machines and notice that there is an increasing number of repairs needed or that your machines are not producing the same high-quality product that you expect from your commercial laundry machines, it may be time to consider an upgrade. The form of payment for commercial laundry machines has evolved as well. While most commercial laundry facilities began with laundry machines that were coin-operated, there has been a shift to using card-operated machines that meet the needs of patrons and customers. Most people do not carry change anymore with the easy accessibility of debit and credit machines at any place of business. Card-operated machines make completing your laundry quicker and easier than ever without having to worry about having a sufficient amount of change with you. Many commercial laundry facilities that are utilizing coin-operated machines will upgrade to card-operated washing machines and dryers to meet the growing demands and needs of laundry facilities 

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Laundry Equipment (feel free to rewrite the blog as linked under “resource link” for this one)

When you are operating a commercial laundry facility, it is important for you to maintain the integrity and quality of your laundry facilities to ensure that you have top-quality machines that are durable and built to last. Keeping the following signs in mind will help you identify when you are in need of replacing your commercial laundry facility washing machines and dryers before experiencing significant impacts on your quality of service and efficiency. 

  1. Experiencing an increase in your utility bills. Using older washing machines and dryers impacts the cost of your utilities due to the high levels of power that are required to run these machines to produce clean, fresh laundry linens and clothing. Whereas, new laundry machines are built to be eco-friendly and energy efficient that working to reduce the amount of electricity and water that is being used with each cycle. These machines have different settings for each cycle that will minimize the amount of energy used and use a minimal amount of gas and water which will help to significantly reduce the costs of operating your commercial laundry facility allowing you to make profits while still providing exceptional care for your customers’ laundry. 
  2. Your laundry equipment is beginning to show its age. As the age of your machine is used at a higher volume, it will begin to have visible wear and tear. When your machines are starting to look old and grungy, it becomes less appealing to your patron’s eyes making them less desirable to use. Appearances can go a long with first impressions from patrons and having newer laundry machines will help your customers have a sense of trust in your establishment and feel confident that your laundry machines provide top-quality cleaning. 
  3. You are receiving an increasing number of customer complaints. Your customer’s happiness is the top priority because when your customers are happy with your laundry facility and machines, they will become repeat customers that bring you frequent business. Upgrading your laundry machines will provide your customers with efficient washing and drying cycles, quicker cycle times, and different forms of payments available. These modern features will help to increase the satisfaction of your customers while also providing faster cycle times allowing you to serve more people within one day. This opens up space for you to have larger volumes of people utilizing your laundry facilities each day. 
  4. There is an increase in the number of washing machines and dryers that are out of order. Whether you use stackable washers and dryers or front-loading washing machines and dryers, the more that your machine is being run they are more likely to experience breakdowns and repairs that are needed to maintain optimal functioning. However, as time progresses and your laundry machines become older, there is more work and repairs that are needed to maintain optimal, high-functioning capacity. If your machines are in need of repairs frequently, it ends up costing your laundry facility more money as you work to repair and maintain regular functioning. Buying a new laundry machine can work to be a cost-effective choice that reduces the amount of money that you would spend if you had to repair your laundry machines. 
  5. Your laundry business is continuing to grow. The higher volume of customers and patrons that you have means that you need to have dependable, efficient laundry machines that will meet the growing need of your business. Having energy-efficient machines, top-quality brands, and the latest models of washers and dryers will ensure your customers get the highest quality machines that are cost-effective and reliable. 

Modern Features on New Laundry Equipment

Laundry equipment has come a long way from hanging clothes on a line or using a bulky, front loader machine that works for hours to get the appropriate amount of cleaning. Modern laundry equipment has a multitude of functions and features that make completing your laundry easy and satisfying. Laundry equipment now offers some or all of the following modern features: 

  • Ability to steam and sanitize while in the washer. 
  • Auto dispense for water and soap based on the weight and size of your loads of laundry 
  • Automatic temperature control for washing cycle loads and dryer loads.
  • Internal water heaters for wash cycles 
  • Steam cycle for dryers 
  • Eco-efficient cycles reduce the energy, gas, and water used in each cycle. 
  • Some laundry equipment offers Wifi connection 
  • Smart washing machines offer an app that will help you determine the appropriate cycle to use for each load of laundry 

Save Energy and Costs with New Commercial Laundry Equipment from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Laundries has a wide selection of washing machines and dryers that are the leading, top-selling brand names including Maytag and SpeedQueen. We provide a wide variety of laundry machines that will meet the growing demand of your commercial laundry business while working to reduce the costs of operation and increase the satisfaction of your customers leading to regular business and profit for your business. Choose from a large selection of modern laundry machines that will fit the needs of your commercial laundry business or facility at Commercial Laundries today to set your business up to be successful, efficient, and enjoyable.

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