3 Top Brands of Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

November 19, 2021 | Categories: Maytag , Orlando , Speed Queen

Brands of Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

Get the very best for your apartment buildings and choose from these top commercial laundry equipment brands.

There are many different brands of commercial laundry machines out there on the market, but when it comes to your onsite laundry facility and your budget, invest in the right equipment from the get-go. Whirlpool, Maytag, and Speed Queen are among our top brands of laundry machines for apartment buildings when it comes to design, performance, and getting the best bang for your buck.  These trusted companies have spent the better part of the last century getting their products to the highest level of satisfaction for their customers.  Invest in one of these top commercial laundry equipment brands and save a bundle in the end with efficiency and longevity.

Top Commercial Laundry Equipment Brands:


As one of the leading innovators in the field, Whirlpool has invested decades of research into development and production, promising to deliver “innovation at the pace of life”.  Their robust machines and unparalleled performance produce a result like no other.  Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers are designed and constructed with the finest parts for a solid product with a sustainable outcome.

  • Whirlpool’s front and top-loading washers are energy efficient, saving on water and energy, cutting utility costs, and exceeding the government standard by 20 percent.
  • Washing machines are constructed with stainless steel washtubs, direct-drive motors, and high-speed RPM speeds.
  • Washers Active Bloom senses load size and weight to adjust water levels, saving on consumption.
  • Dryer’s advanced moisture sensors adjust drying time by tracking moisture.
  • Dryers FanFresh cycle circulates air for up to 12 hours to keep laundry fresh until it’s removed.


Give your residents the superior performance of Maytag commercial laundry equipment and enhance the value of your laundry facility.  Maytag is one of the main choices and top brands of laundry machines for apartment buildings for their ability to tackle tough stains and release set-in dirt and grime.  Considered some of the most robust machines on the market, these washers and dryers have advanced settings for a customizable laundry experience and deliver an impressive result.

  • Maytag’s PowerWash cycle works hard to tackle stubborn stains and release dirt set deep in fibers.
  • The ExtraPower cycle alternates between cold and warm water rinses to battle those tough set-in stains.
  • The threshold cycle releases a continuous stream of air into the wash drum after the cycle has been completed keeping laundry fresh and free from musty odors.
  • Residents will love their customizable options to adjust water levels and temperatures, rinse cycles, and spin speeds.

Speed Queen

Give your residents an “effortless laundry” experience and make life just a little bit easier with Speed Queen washers and dryers.  Known for its innovative features and outstanding laundry results, Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is one of the best commercial laundry machine brands for all property types.  Elevate your laundry facility with Speed Queen’s dependable equipment and Quantum controls.

  • Speed Queen’s Wash Alert informs users of the status of their laundry and helps them locate available machines in your amenity.
  • Set up a Speed Queen reward plan for your patrons to offer discounts and gain customer loyalty.
  • With Speed Queen’s washers 440 G-force extraction system, washers remove water and reduce moisture resulting in less drying time.
  • Quantum controls allow users to customize their laundry preferences for a unique laundry experience.

Where to Purchase or Lease the Best Commercial Laundry Machine Brands?

Get equipment from any one of these top commercial laundry equipment brands that you desire within your budget from Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Here, we have an array of machine types and purchasing options to suit your individual needs.  For the most budget-friendly option, lease your commercial laundry equipment from us and receive free delivery, installation, and service and maintenance.

Find out more about the best commercial laundry machine brands and work closely with one of our representatives to discover the right equipment for your property.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to get started.

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