Outfit your Orlando business or commercial property with top-quality commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries. We stock a wide range of commercial washers and dryers from leading brands like Maytag and Speed Queen. Find everything from basic commercial washers and dryers to smart laundry machines. We sell coin and card-operated laundry machines in multiple makes and models. Commercial Laundries also feature maintenance and repair services. If your business relies on washers and dryers, you can rely on us for all of your commercial laundry equipment needs.

Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Commercial Laundries Has Orlando’s Best Commercial Washers and Dryers

Choose Commercial Laundries to find front-load washers, top-loading dryers, smart laundry equipment, and laundry equipment with must-have functionality. Looking for smart laundry machines? We carry innovative brands that design smart washers and dryers in a wide array of styles, including large-capacity machines and machines with multiple cycles. Commercial Laundries has Orlando’s best selection of washing machines and dryers for use in all sorts of businesses that depend on laundry. Whether you operate a laundromat, hotel, or apartment complex, you’ll find the laundry equipment you need when you shop with us.

Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Orlando

Leasing is a terrific option for businesses that don’t want the burden of maintaining and repairing their commercial laundry equipment. By leasing your washers and dryers, you can easily budget your laundry-related expenses and simply call us if any of your washers or dryers develops a problem. Our team includes expert laundry machine technicians. We’ll take care of your leased laundry equipment so that you can focus on your business. Choose from top-rated basic and smart washers and dryers.

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Apartments and Condo Buildings in Orlando

Support your renters or condo owners with a full-functioning laundry center or in-unit washers and dryers. We can install, maintain, and repair your washers and dryers. Choose from our selection of coin-operated and card-operated laundry machines. We carry many different brands and machine styles to outfit your laundry center with exactly what you and your residents need.

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Florida Dorms and College Campuses

Commercial Laundries services a wide array of businesses and commercial properties, including college dormitories and campus laundry centers. We carry washers and dryers that are known for their reliability and durability. If you depend on washers and dryers for your campus needs, you can depend on Commercial Laundries.

Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Restaurants in Orlando

Ensure that your restaurant always has a clean supply of linens and clean laundry. Commercial Laundries has large-capacity washers and dryers with all kinds of special features, including self-sanitizing cycles and short cycles. Not sure what machines will work best for your Orlando restaurant? Our knowledgeable staff can help.

Commercial Laundry Machines for Orlando Hotels

Shop for large-capacity washers and dryers for your hotel at Commercial Laundries. Orlando’s thriving hospitality industry relies on us for top-of-the-line commercial washers and dryers. Find the best brands like Speed Queen and Whirlpool when you shop with us.

Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Mobile Home and RV Parks in Orlando

Find coin-operated and innovative card-operated laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries. Outfit your RV park or mobile home laundry center with durable laundry machines. Choose smart machines that feature on-board analytics so you can calculate your daily profit, water usage, and more.

Orlando Commercial Washers and Dryers for Schools and Nursing Homes

Commercial Laundries Orlando, supplies schools, nursing homes, and other facilities with washers and dryers designed to meet their unique needs. We sell and lease laundry equipment. Let our associates help you find the best models for your Orlando business.

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Sale in Orlando

Commercial Laundries has a wide selection of commercial washers and dryers for sale now. Our team is here to help you choose the best laundry equipment for your business needs. We can acquaint you with our machines’ best features and innovations, helping you find the right equipment for your commercial property.

Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Commercial Laundries carries brands that are acknowledged laundry industry leaders. These brands have a reputation for design and manufacturing excellence. When you shop our selection, you’ll find top brands, including:

  • Maytag: Maytag laundry machines are renowned for their durability. Customers can depend on these machines to function as designed for wash after wash. Maytag has been in business for decades. They’re a trusted brand for residential and commercial washers and dryers.
  • Speed Queen: Speed Queen laundry machines are also known for their longevity. These machines are known to operate for 25 years and more. The darlings of laundromats, Speed Queen laundry machines are available in large-capacity models and with a wide range of features.
  • Miele: Miele commercial washing machines and dryers are celebrated for their eco-friendly innovations. Want to conserve water and save money on utility costs? Ask us about Miele’s water-conserving features. 
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool washers and dryers are available in many models, including smart functionality. Whirlpool is a household name. Its machines are known for their durability and innovative features.

Other Services in Orlando from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Laundries is Orlando’s go-to center for commercial laundry equipment. We also offer related laundry services like maintenance and repair. We also sell parts and provide free analysis. Let our technicians help you evaluate your equipment usage so you can find the right laundry machines to support your needs or your customers’ needs. Our customer service team is ready to help you find the ideal laundry equipment and services for your Orlando business or commercial property.

Sell Your Commercial Washers and Dryers to Commercial Laundries

Sell your older washers and dryers to Commercial Laundries. We buy and sell used washers and dryers and parts. We continually stock our inventory with used laundry machines. Offset your new laundry equipment purchases by selling us your old commercial washers and dryers. Simply contact our customer service team and we can send skilled technicians to your facility to discuss your sale.

Maintenance for Commercial Laundry Machines in Florida

Commercial Laundries doesn’t just sell and lease commercial laundry equipment. We also maintain and repair our customers’ commercial washers and dryers. When you lease your laundry machines from us, we’ll maintain and repair them. If one breaks down and becomes inoperable, we’ll replace it. You can also sign up for maintenance and repair service packages for your purchased laundry equipment. Our technicians are highly skilled and can help you keep your laundry machines in top-functioning condition. We serve a wide range of commercial properties and businesses throughout Orlando. Discover why we’re the city’s laundry equipment by shopping or leasing laundry equipment from us.

Contact Commercial Laundries and Get Orlando’s Best Commercial Washers and Dryers

Get in touch with Commercial Laundries to shop for top-of-the-line commercial washing machines and dryers. We have stackable washers and dryers as well as smart laundry sets with card-operated payment platforms. Let our customer service representatives help you select your property’s best washers and dryers. Contact us to learn more about our related services like maintenance and repair, installation service, and used equipment sales. We can help you choose commercial washers and dryers that are ideally suited to your business.

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