Where to Buy Coin Operated Laundry Machines in South Florida

December 29, 2017 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

where to buy coin operated laundry machinesWondering where to buy coin operate laundry machines? Reach out to Commercial Laundries of South Florida.

To operate a successful commercial laundry facility you must have dependable and durable laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries is a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida and we are experts in the commercial laundry industry. If you want to know where to buy coin operated laundry machines that provide excellent performance and cost-effectiveness, we are the company for you. When you partner with us you receive our knowledge of machine models and our expertise of technical and mechanical operations. We know what types of machines will best serve your business and also lower energy costs. Our coin laundry washer and dryer for sale, or lease, will please your tenants and also save you money by conserving natural resources. When you are in need of state-of-the-art equipment, Commercial Laundries is where to buy coin operated laundry machines.

Beside carrying durable and dependable commercial laundry machines and parts, we also provide many important services to help you run your business, including: delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance visits, repair services, and Utility Assessment Reports. As our partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your facility is in good hands and is operating at its full potential.

We are committed to assisting you in operating a sustainable and successful laundry facility by providing you with the best commercial washing machines and dryers on the market. Your patrons will love our state of the art coin laundry washer and dryer for sale units. Our machines are built with the latest technological advancements that provide high performance levels in a shorter cycle time. Our best commercial washing machines have user-friendly digital dashboards that are easy to read and operate, and all of our laundry machines are Energy Star certified to eliminate waste and save money on gas, electric, sewer and water costs.

You will never have to worry about where to buy coin operated laundry machines again. We have the best coin laundry washer and dryer for sale that provides many benefits including:

  • Our best commercial washing machines are equipped with stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs to gently move the laundry around the machine without pulling or snagging.
  • Our machines are also equipped with high-speed agitators and spin cycles for quality performance in a shorter cycle time.
  • Dryers are equipped with high-power blower systems to quickly dry laundry.
  • Our machines offer multiple cycle options and water temperature selections.
  • Our DOE compliant machines provide easy access for the handicapped community.
  • All of our machines are equipped with easy slide, large capacity coin vaults that hold lots of coins. And coin vaults are durable to resist tampering and damage, and designed to reject slugs and foreign coins.

Your patrons will appreciate the versatility and performance of our coin laundry washer and dryer for sale. And you will be impressed with the savings in energy costs and the dependability of our best commercial washing machines and dryers. We carry new and used coin laundry washer and dryer for sale at competitive prices. If you can’t outlay a large investment at this time, we offer a variety of lease options designed to give you the machines you need without the expense. Our lease programs offer complimentary maintenance visits and repair services on all leased machines for the lifetime of the lease contract. Our technicians are employed, insured and educated by us to provide you with the dependability, knowledge and expertise that you require to maintain a successful laundry facility operation.

The next time you consider where to buy coin operated laundry machines, choose the very best and contact Commercial Laundries at 305-699-3970.

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