When are Stackable Commercial Laundry Machines the Best Solution?

September 30, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

Stackable commercial washers and dryers are a clever solution to many of your laundry facility concerns.

stackable commercial laundry machines

When you are starting a laundry amenity or updating an existing facility, one must remember that conservation is key.  Space is a huge asset that must be valued.  The more water, gas, and electricity you conserve, the more money you save.  Functionality is what drives your business and maintains your patron satisfaction.  Stackable commercial laundry machines allow you to maximize your square footage, save on energy and the environment, all the while delivering on optimal performance.  Commercial Laundries has the equipment and solutions to make your laundry facility a reality.

Space Maximizers

The major facet and benefit of stackable commercial washers and dryers is their ability to save property managers on space.  Whether you are limited on square footage or you are looking to double up on your equipment, stackable laundry machine combos are your answer.  You need enough room to incorporate all your laundry room essentials and enough machines to satisfy your inflow of patrons.  The professionals at Commercial Laundries are here to help you determine the right amount of equipment for your facility and a practical configuration that lets you maximize your space.

Energy Savers

On top of buying or leasing new equipment, you must factor in your utility costs as part of your budget.  When you choose stackable commercial washers and dryers at Commercial Laundries, you can rest assured you are getting some of the most energy-efficient equipment on the market.  Because of their innovative front-loading design, washers operate with minimal amounts of water and use an advanced spin cycle for maximum water extraction.  Dryers have a sophisticated drying system that detects moisture, reduces operation time, and turns off when laundry is dry.  If you are converting your current machines to stackable laundry machine combos there is no additional plumbing or electrical work necessary as they use all the same hookups as side-by-side units.

Eco-Conscious Equipment

Stackable machines by design and engineering consume much fewer resources than your conventional models.  Energy-efficient washers are certified equipment that can reduce wastewater by up to 50 percent and hot water by up to 30 percent, and they are designed to operate on less gas and electricity.  While saving on utility costs, you are also reducing your global footprint and protecting the environment.  Eco-friendly machines use about 25 percent less energy yet still deliver on durability and performance.

Optimal Performance

Stackable commercial laundry machines have come a long way in performance and functionality since their introduction to the market in the ’50s.  Here at Commercial Laundries, our stackable laundry machine combos for sale and lease are durable and reliable.  You will never have to jeopardize performance for design.

  • Available in coin and card-operated models
  • Robust suspension system and free-standing soft mount design for all floor types
  • Washers have a 1200 RPM spin speed which produce 440 g-forces for maximum water extraction
  • Washers are constructed with stainless-steel washtubs and large 15.5” doors capable of opening 180-degrees
  • Speed Queen washers come equipped with Quantum control system with multiple cycle choices for a customizable laundry experience
  • Dryers are built with easy to clean upfront lint filter and large 20.06 sq.ft. doors
  • Stackable machines are handicap accessible and ADA compliant

Buy or Lease Stack Washer/Dryer

Choose stackable laundry machine combos when you are looking to maximize your space, save money, and boost your laundry facility’s efficiency.  Commercial Laundries has competitive and affordable prices on new and used commercial laundry equipment from top brands, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.   For a budget-friendly option, consider leasing your equipment with our tax-deductible and customizable plans.

When you are ready to boost your laundry facility potential with our stackable commercial laundry machines, contact Commercial Laundries at, (855) 254-9274.

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