Card Op or Coin Op Washer and Dryer?

coin op washerLearn how coin op washer equipment can entice more tenants at your multi-housing rental property.

What are the benefits of card or coin op washer and dryer equipment? Both categories provide a convenient and easy way to clean laundry. If you are wondering what types of machine selections to choose, Commercial Laundries can explain the differences to you. But to be fair, why choose between machine types when you can have a few of both types in your laundry facility?

Our coin op washer and dryer units are manufactured by American companies such as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen and are durably built to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use. These great manufacturers build Energy Star rated products that have the latest mechanical and technological advancements in the commercial laundry industry, to ensure proficient high performance and cost-effective savings on gas, water and electric costs. We carry new and used commercial washers and dryers in front and top loading models and we also have space saving stackable machines for facilities with a limited amount of space.

When you select coin op washer and dryer equipment from us, you will receive machines with easy access coin slides and large capacity coin vaults that hold a considerable amount of coins. Coin vaults are durably built to resist theft, tampering and damage, and are designed to reject slugs and foreign money. Your patrons will find that coin op washer and dryer units are very easy to use, and you will be able to change prices by coin increments.

Our card operated washer and dryer equipment is easy to use with just one swipe of the card through the scanner and the machine is engaged for use. With card technology, all laundry transaction data is stored on the microprocessor chip that is imbedded in the card, and each transaction will automatically debit the card. To credit the card again, all your patron has to do is use cash, or a credit or debit card at the Clean Pay Kiosk located in your laundry facility. You will be pleased to learn that your bookkeeping tasks will be easy, and there will be no more coin collecting from coin vaults. You will also be able to easily make price changes in smaller increments through the microprocessor chip imbedded in the card. Your patrons will love our coin op washer and dryer units, and the fact that they won’t have to save coins for laundry chores.

All of our commercial washers and dryers are equipped with easy to read and operate digital display dashboards that offer multiple cycle options and water temperature selections. Each of our coin op washer units have improved automatic suspension systems to redistribute laundry during the wash cycle, and come with stainless steel or porcelain ceramic washtubs to avoid snags or pulls. You will find that all of our commercial washers and dryers have quick agitation and extraction speeds to improve laundry outcome and save money by reducing energy usage.

We also carry ADA compliant, easy access machines to better serve the handicapped community. All of our commercial laundry products are environmentally friendly to protect natural resources, and also save you money on your overall operating costs.

Whether you choose coin or card operated washer and dryer equipment, you will still be getting quality products and excellent performance. You may also decide to try both types of models in your laundry facility, to let your patrons select which type they prefer. Commercial Laundries is known for our great products and excellent service. We currently maintain many commercial, residential and commercial businesses throughout Florida including: hospitals, hotels, schools, multi-housing properties, institutions and more. We are committed to serving our clients and helping them operate a successful commercial laundry facility.

To learn more about us, and our coin or card operated washer and dryer equipment, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.