What to Look for When Buying Used Commercial Laundry Machines

March 27, 2020 | Categories: Orlando , Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

what to look for when buying used laundry machines

Buying used laundry machines is a great cost-effective option when outfitting your commercial laundry business.

Is your budget holding you back from starting your onsite laundry facility?  Looking to update your existing laundry room, but not sure if it is worth the investment?  Many like to opt for brand new commercial laundry equipment, but we are here to tell you how used washing and drying machines may be a better option for you and your wallet.  Buying second-hand laundry equipment may seem like a risk, but not when you purchase guaranteed machines from a reliable supplier.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has durable, high efficiency, refurbished commercial laundry equipment to suit your needs.  Here are five things to take into consideration when buying used laundry machines.

Commercial Laundry Machine Model

When it comes to choosing commercial laundry equipment for your onsite laundry facility, you must consider all the different models on the market.  Are you looking to replace an existing machine with the same model or are you looking for something more modern and innovative?  Commercial Laundries has an array of models from top loaders to front loaders, side-by-side to stackable, and coin to card operated machines.  For a more informed decision, have a look at the advantages of stackable equipment and the pros and cons of coin and card operated machines.

Commercial Laundry Machine Brand

Once you have decided on your used laundry machine model, it is time to choose the make.  When it comes to the brand, choose a manufacturer you trust.  One you know you can depend on.  Commercial Laundries Orlando, works with world renowned producers, Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool and more.  With over 400 years of combined experience between these manufactures you are sure to receive premium machines from anyone of them.  New or used, these brands have stood the test of time for their long lasting, durable machines.  For a closer look, take a gander at the best commercial washer brands in 2020.

Commercial Laundry Machine Year Manufactured

Technology is constantly changing and improving.  The features of a machine will depend on the year of the used washing and drying machines.  Rest assured, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool are all known for their innovative equipment and they are years ahead of any of their competitors.  Our HE or High Efficiency machines are Energy Star certified, ensuring you are receiving eco-friendly, cost-effective equipment.  As you know, the efficiency of machines depreciates over the years, but a reliable service and maintenance package will help keep your machines running in tip top shape, expanding the life of your equipment.

Commercial Laundry Company and Maintenance Services

Used laundry equipment is only as good as the company you purchase it from.  That is why you not only want to choose a reliable manufacturer but a dependable company that is going to support you through your purchasing process and throughout the lifetime of your machines.  Here at Commercial Laundries we have exceptional machines supplied by an even more exceptional team.  We are here for you throughout your purchase and beyond.  We offer affordable Service and Maintenance Packages that monitor your equipment and keep it functioning at its peak efficiency.  Our personalized programs take the stress out of maintenance and operations and keep your onsite laundry running smoothly.

Commercial Laundry Machines Guarantee

When you purchase new or used commercial laundry machines from Commercial Laundries Orlando, we guarantee that our machines are built with advanced engineering and durable and efficient construction.

  • All machines are Energy Star certified, assuring cost-effective savings on utility bills
  • Machines are built with a robust structure and all metal components
  • Washers are equipped with stainless steel or porcelain washtubs, protecting garments from damage
  • Washing machines are built with advanced agitation systems which extract more water and moisture, requiring less drying time
  • Dryers feature high efficiency fan system that speed up drying time for more sustainability

Additionally, we guarantee superior customer service to all our clients.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our customers and our world class service.  Contact our team today at (407) 986-1410 for more information on purchasing used laundry machines.

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