South Florida Coinless Laundry Systems

December 5, 2016 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Please tenants and bring in revenue with South Florida coinless laundry systems

Coinless Laundry SystemsIf you want your commercial laundry facility to be on the cutting edge of technology, then South Florida coinless laundry systems is for you. You can have sophisticated, technologically advanced commercial laundry equipment that is fully Smartcard operated. By going coinless, your patrons will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to acquire enough change to get their laundry clean. And you will not have to go from machine to machine to collect your money. That is just the beginning of the time saving benefits that you will receive when you select a coinless laundry system.

Don’t be the last one in your town to upgrade to more efficient commercial coinless laundry systems. Smartcard technology will make laundry chores easier for your tenants or patrons, and also for you. Just consider some of these outstanding benefits that you will gain from a coinless laundry system:


  1. Smart card technology allows you to increase your laundry-per-load price by smaller increments. Normally, you would have to increase your price by noticeable amounts such as .10 or .25-cent increments when you have coin operated commercial washers and dryers. Not so with a Smartcard system; you will also be able to customize exclusive pricing schedules. Smartcard allows you to set prices easily for special promotions during off-peak hours, and increase prices during peak hours. This strategy helps to off-set too many people striving for machines during peak times of the day or week which helps to eliminate stress and frustration for your patrons.


  1. Your tenants and patrons will be able to access any Smart card laundry machine with their personal Smartcard. They can easily add credit to their Smartcard via the Kiosk located in your laundry facility, by using cash or a credit or debit card. Then, by simply feeding their Smartcard through the scanner on any commercial washer or dryer, they will be able to engage the machine for use. It is a quick and effortless system that does not involve saving and lugging quarters to the laundry facility every time they need to wash clothing or other types of laundry. Your clients will love this new system for its ease of use and convenience.


  1. Your patrons will also be able to account for their laundry expenses more efficiently too, as every transaction is electronically recorded. This feature is a major plus for you also, to help you keep your books in an efficient order because you will have an electronic record of every transaction that takes place in your facility. You won’t have to allow extra time from your busy schedule to go to each machine to empty out the coin vaults and bring the quarters to the bank. Each electronic transaction can be credited to your business account, making this smart business accounting. Plus, this is a great time saving feature that you will surely enjoy also.


  1. Your coinless laundry system also has great security benefits. Gone will be the days when you will have to worry about coin-slides jamming because someone tried to use foreign currency or a slug. Another great feature is that with your Smartcard system there will be no actual money to steal, so you will not have the problem of someone breaking into the coin vaults or stealing them. You will have peace of mind because your money will be resting safely in your bank’s business account.


Do the smart thing and upgrade to a Smartcard laundry system. We can remove the coin vault systems from your commercial washers and dryers and attach a new coinless laundry system. For more information about Smartcard technology contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 305-699-3970.

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