Commercial Laundry Equipment for University Housing

Commercial Laundry Equipment for University Housing

Keep your students on campus with reliable laundry equipment for college dorms.  Not only is it easier and safer for students, but it’s more profitable and more attractive to prospective students.

Providing your students with commercial laundry equipment for university housing is not only essential, but wise from a business perspective.  Students are looking for a university that will fulfill all their advanced educational needs and this includes well-equipped housing.  Satisfy your current students and attract new ones with a clean, upgraded, and dependable laundry amenity.  Here we have outlined some things you should consider when making the final decision about your multi-housing laundry equipment for universities.

Dependable Commercial Laundry Equipment for University Housing

Give your students the full college dorm experience by keeping them on campus as much as possible.  Providing them with reliable and attractive amenities will increase their satisfaction and their safety.  It will also build consumer loyalty and keep profits on campus rather than in neighboring businesses.  Invest in dependable equipment that is built to last and withstand heavy traffic.  Commercial-grade laundry equipment for college dorms by reputable manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool are a wise investment.  Their robust construction, sophisticated engineering, and innovative features are exactly what you need to stand up to the test of time and the demands of young adults.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Machines

Ecofriendly and sustainability are important attributes for your students, and they should be for you.  Not only are they good for the environment, but they are good for your wallet.  Energy-efficient, front-loading washers require less water and energy to operate resulting in lower utility costs.  Additionally, investing in well-constructed multi-housing laundry equipment for universities will last longer and require less maintenance and repairs saving you even more.

Contactless Payment Options

Know your audience.  When it comes to cashless payment options, your students are the target consumers.  Practically raised on technology and smartphones, your students know no difference.  Give them card-operated laundry equipment or a mobile laundry payment app to easily pay for their laundry without the hassle of coins.  Students simply download the laundry application, create an account, upload their credit or debit card information, and they are ready to go.  By scanning the QR code on each machine via Bluetooth, your students can make purchases easily and upgrade with a touch of their screen.

Convenient Machine Features and Advanced Technology

As much as students love to bring their laundry home for their parents to do, it is much easier not to have to trek dirty laundry around.  Give them a laundry room that offers conveniences unlike anywhere else.  Take, for instance, Speed Queen washers and dryers that offer 30 different wash cycles and water levels to allow users to customize their laundry selection.  Through Speed Queen’s laundry application and their Wash Alert feature students can connect with machines, receive notifications and alerts, monitor their laundry progress, and find available machines, all from the convenience of their dorm rooms.  This laundry equipment for college dorms is not only convenient, but they offer students more ways to practice social distancing and stay safe while doing laundry.

Buy, Lease, or Upgrade Laundry Equipment for College Dorms

Get brand new affordable multi-housing laundry equipment for universities when you team up with the experts at Commercial Laundries.  We know you probably have several laundry rooms to work with, so we want to make sure you are getting the best equipment for your students that is within budget.  Leasing commercial laundry washers and dryers are the best solution to achieving the two.  All lease contracts come with free service and maintenance plans to help you maintain your laundry amenities and protect your investment.  If you already have great functioning equipment onsite, upgrade your facilities by installing a cashless laundry payment system to keep up with the times and your students’ needs.

Get the best Commercial laundry equipment for university housing with your neighbors at Commercial Laundries.  Contact us today at, (855) 254-9274 to get new equipment or upgrade your existing machines.

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