Commercial Laundry Card Systems

Offer tenants top-tier technology with commercial laundry card systems

Commercial Laundry Card SystemsNew technology is quickly changing the self-service commercial laundry business. Smart card technology is making the task of doing laundry more convenient for tenants and patrons, and it is making revenue collection and booking keeping chores much simpler for laundry facility owners. The new smart card operated laundry system is a development that is replacing coin-operated laundry equipment in many laundry facilities. No longer will laundry facility owners have to worry about coin vaults being tampered with or finding slugs in the vaults, and they will not have to set aside time to collect coins from each individual vault.

Commercial Laundries is a commercial laundry industry leader in Florida offering card operated laundry equipment and card payment systems. Our commercial laundry card system consists of smart cards, CleanPay Kiosk terminals and card control units that are attached to the laundry machines. The kiosk terminal provides a clear audit of all transactions to help the facility owner save time with book keeping duties. To keep things simple, all your tenants or patrons have to do is use a credit or debit card or cash at the CleanPay Kiosk to add value to their smart card, which is then used in the scanner of the card control unit. The smart card acts like a debit card, and fees are automatically deducted whenever the card is used to operate a laundry washer or dryer. Value can always be added to the smart card at the kiosk, and no longer will patrons have to carry coins with them to operate laundry equipment.

Smartcard Laundry Equipment and More Revenue

The Commercial Laundries smart card technology allows facility owners to raise pricing by small increments, instead of one quarter at a time with coin operated systems. High usage times, such as weekends, can be scheduled for custom pricing. Schedules can be set up for a specific time of the day or day of the week. By offering a discount on low usage times, you can control traffic during peak usage times, or just raise the rate for the peak times. By monitoring traffic you help your laundry facility operation run more smoothly with less traffic snags and waiting time for available machines.

Commercial Laundries can help you upgrade your laundry facility with our commercial laundry card systems. If you are in need of some new or used laundry machines, we carry a full line of commercial laundry equipment at competitive prices. If you are working with a tight budget at the moment we also have a variety of tax deductible leasing options that will provide you with the equipment you need now.

We offer you quality laundry machines for sale and lease that are durable and reliable from such noted manufacturers as Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Our machines are Energy Star certified to offer you energy efficiency that will save you money on water, gas, sewer and electric costs. New technology will bring you better performing, time-saving laundry equipment with less waste and energy usage. And our card operated laundry systems can be used on all of our laundry equipment.

There will be no more coins to collect for laundry day when you switch to a Commercial Laundries smart card laundry system. Our Commercial Laundry card systems are the latest laundry payment technology available on the market today. Its simple operation and sophisticated appearance will surely please your patrons and add to the value of your laundry facility. You can upgrade your laundry facility today with a laundry card system by contacting Commercial Laundries at 305-699-3970.

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