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Commercial Laundries Has the Best Machines in Florida

Laundry is often one of the first life challenges a person faces when they move away from home to go to college, with some first-time students returning home on the weekends with a full laundry bag. At Commercial Laundries, we offer the best commercial laundry equipment for colleges and universities, with a wide range of options to choose from, including heavy-duty machines that can take a beating. When colleges and universities provide simple on-campus laundry solutions, they take a load off the parents’ shoulders and reduce student stress, while offering them the opportunity to become more self-sufficient, providing an essential service many on-campus colleagues will greatly appreciate.

Why Convenience Matters for College-Level Laundry Equipment

Convenience is very important when your business caters to college students. This is because:

  • College students are busy and cannot afford to spend hours upon hours waiting for their washing and drying to be done. It is a fast-paced world out there, and people in their late teens and early twenties will not be willing to waste their time in a laundromat or student laundry facility when they could be hitting the books or spending time with their peers. A laundry machine that provides updates on their laundry status and which machines are free will ensure they are spending their time wisely as they wash their clothes and sheets.
  • College students typically do not have a lot of extra money to spend, so they will be less likely to want to pay money for a service that is slow, inconvenient, or inefficient. A smart college kid will know the value of a dollar and will not waste their money in a facility that does not value their time and business. The more convenient you can make your facility, the better.
  • College students are young and driven by today’s technological age. The typical scene you see in 1990s TV shows with young people carrying a pocket full of coins to a dingy room filled with rusty, barely working washing machines is a thing of the past. Today’s youth is more sophisticated and expects their laundry machines to be compatible with their smartphones and tablets or smart cards. This way, they will not have to go to the bank or save up quarters every time they have dirty clothes.
  • College students often spend most of their time on campus. That means that the most convenient location for a laundry room to be is right inside their dorm, in heavy traffic areas, or in other easy-to-find and access areas of campus. Putting the laundry room in a convenient location will reduce their travel time, and allow them to access the facilities easily after spending a mentally exhausting day in class. 

New Equipment Can Reduce Water and Energy Use

When you add eco-friendly laundry options to your campus laundry room, you will be contributing to the greater ecological good within your community. The more students who use laundry machines that meet the high Energy Star standards, the less water and energy will be wasted on clothes washing. At Commercial Laundries, all of our laundry equipment, used and new, is certified to meet energy efficiency standards, so you can feel good about the services offered on campus. Students will also be more likely to use your facilities if they know they are contributing to a facility that provides less environmental output.

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Can Be an Additional Revenue Generator for Campuses

Adding a commercial laundry facility to your college campus is an excellent way to generate revenue while providing a positive experience to students. By giving those who live on campus, or nearby, a place to wash their clothes, bedding, towels, and more, they will have more reason to feel at home. Many of the students are away from their families for the first time, so providing this service will create a sense of belonging.

You may also wish to supplement your laundry room earnings by adding vending opportunities like laundry soap/fabric softener dispensers or snack vending machines. Putting study tables within the laundry facility will encourage more students to bring their washing in, as they will be able to get some reading or writing done as they wait for the laundry cycles to complete. The more students that use your business, the more revenue your college campus will bring in.

3 Ways Students Can Pay for Laundry

It is difficult to predict what the best commercial laundry equipment for colleges will be. The most successful laundry rooms will offer updated and efficient ways to pay, sometimes with more than one payment method available. The most common payment methods for laundry include:

  • Coins: when you think of laundry facilities, you may imagine the old-style clunky coin-operated machines that were constantly jamming. These relics are a thing of the past, but new, efficient, coin-operated machines are still a popular option for many laundry businesses. Coin-operated washers and dryers usually take quarters or tokens, and the modern options available at Commercial Laundries are outfitted with extra-large, tamper-proof coin boxes, so there is no need to empty them daily.
  • Smart Cards: we are living in a world that is becoming increasingly cash-free, so “smart laundry cards” in your laundry room will feel natural for most students. These are plastic cards that are the size of a credit card that can be pre-loaded with funds, either online or at a machine, and then swiped to start the washer or dryer. It functions the same way a pre-loadable gift card works, and students will be able to check their balance online.
  • Smartphone Apps: nearly everybody in the US always carries their smartphone with them these days, so having laundry machines that run using a mobile laundry app may be one of the most convenient options you can offer students. Users download the application onto their phone or tablet, create an account, and provide their bank or credit card information, reloading their account by tapping their phone. Starting the machine is as simple as scanning a QR code on the machine or inputting the machine’s ID number into the app. Apps like this offer users benefits like the ability to check whether a machine is free before heading out to the laundry room, and a notification on their phone when their washing or drying cycle is complete.

Commercial Laundries Can Help You Get the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your College Campus

Commercial Laundries is a Florida-based family-owned business here to help you create and run a profitable laundry business. If generating revenue by creating an on-campus commercial laundry room sounds like a viable plan to you, please call us to speak with our knowledgeable sales staff. We will work with you to create a laundry business strategy that will suit your dormitories, sports centers, gyms, your off-campus student facilities, or your frat houses while considering your students’ needs, your business goals, and the overall environmental impact the laundry services will have on the community.

Our team is knowledgeable and helpful, and with our leasing program, we will not only deliver and install the machines for you right away, but will also provide regular maintenance and service calls at no extra charge. Our on-site warehouse will ensure fast delivery and repair times, so you can continue to offer high-quality laundry services to all students on campus.

If you want to incorporate the best commercial laundry equipment for colleges and universities into your campus services roster, please call Commercial Laundries today at 1-239-208-5216. We are here to help you plan and execute your laundry business idea, and our sales team is standing by now to take your call.



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