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Commercial Laundries Has Miami’s Best Commercial Washers and Dryers

Commercial Laundries has an expansive selection of commercial laundry equipment for sale and lease. We feature coin and smart card-operated laundry machines as well as washers and dryers made by leading manufacturers like Maytag and Speed Queen. In addition to our sales and leasing options, we also feature dedicated commercial laundry maintenance and repair specialists. Whether you operate a business or commercial property in the Miami, FL, region, you can rely on Commercial Laundries for high-quality laundry equipment and expert service. 

Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Miami

Since Commercial Laundries offers both sales and leasing of commercial washing machines and dryers in Miami, you can choose a laundry equipment procurement plan that suits your needs and budget. Many of our Miami customers choose to lease their laundry machines so that they can easily budget their laundry-related expenses each month. When maintenance or repairs are required, our service technicians tackle the job as quickly as possible–with the expertise they’re known for and with no added expense for you. If one of your washers and dryers needs to be replaced–no problem. We remove the old one and install the new one with as little downtime for you as possible.

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Apartments and Condo Buildings in Miami

If you operate a laundry center or laundry equipment for apartment or condominium buildings in Miami, you can rely on Commercial Laundries for our broad range of laundry-related services. You can purchase or lease top-load, front-load, or stackable laundry machines from us. We also provide installation service, maintenance, and repair services too. Not sure what units are ideal for you? Consult with our associates so we can help you choose quality washers and dryers that will meet your Miami facility’s needs and your budget.

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Florida Dorms and College Campuses

Commercial Laundries serves a wide range of businesses and commercial properties throughout Miami, including college campuses and dorms. Choose hard-working, reliable washers and dryers manufactured by industry leaders like Speed Queens. Many models we carry are designed to last 25 years or more. If you need reliable and durable laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries has it.

Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Restaurants in Miami

Managing your business’s laundry needs effectively requires quality washers and dryers. Our commercial customers like restaurant owners/managers need reliably functioning washing machines and dryers to ensure their operation isn’t disrupted by a lack of clean tablecloths, towels, and other linens. We carry many models of washers and dryers from basic large-capacity machines to tech-savvy machines that are loaded with innovative features like moisture sensors and eco-friendly cycles. Whether you lease or buy, you’ll find an outstanding selection of options when you shop with us.

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Commercial Laundry Machines for Miami Hotels

Our customers include Miami hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts. To meet your laundry volume needs, let our associates help you select the ideal laundry equipment for your facility. Large-capacity, energy-efficient laundry equipment may be the ideal option for your business. Remember that our company also offers maintenance and repair service packages to help you minimize downtime and keep your clean laundry in good supply. 

Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Mobile Homes and RV Parks in Miami

If you operate a Miami mobile home park or RV park, you may need laundry machines for your laundry center. We can provide both coin-operated and card-operated washers and dryers. Our technicians can install your new units and test them to ensure they’re ready for operation. 

Miami Commercial Washers and Dryers for Schools and Nursing Homes

Ensure that your facility always has laundry service capability by leasing or purchasing commercial-grade washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries. After we install your new laundry machines, we can design a maintenance schedule for you to ensure your machines are properly tuned up and cared for. Our maintenance solutions help minimize downtime and keep your laundry center functioning as smoothly as possible. When repairs are needed, our technicians can handle the job. 

Commercial Washers and Dryers for Sale in Miami

Commercial Laundries serves a wide range of Miami businesses and commercial properties. We invite customers to explore our laundry equipment inventory in Miami to find commercial washing machines, dryers, and stackable sets that are ideal for their on-premises laundry facility. There are many options, so rely on our sales team to help you choose appliances that are best for your needs and budget. Tell us about the special features you’re looking for (like self-sanitizing cycles) or let us tell you about the latest laundry equipment innovations you might be in the market for.

Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami

Commercial Laundries features the most respected laundry machine manufacturers today. Our favorite brands include Maytag, Speed Queen, Miele, and Whirlpool. These companies have a reputation for producing reliable machines that are designed for commercial settings. They can stand up to daily heavy usage and come with a wide array of features like multiple cycles, energy-efficient functionality, and even onboard analytics.

Other Services in Miami from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Laundries is known for its sales, leasing options, and service technicians. We buy and sell laundry equipment and also maintain and repair laundry machines for commercial properties and all types of businesses. We’re known for our wide selection of the best commercial laundry equipment in Miami and our experienced maintenance and repair technicians. Customers also choose Commercial Laundries for our knowledgeable sales staff and fair pricing. 

Sell Your Commercial Washers and Dryers to Commercial Laundries

Are you thinking about upgrading your older commercial washers and dryers to new models with the latest tech-savvy features like smart operation and top-level energy efficiency? Consider selling us your old models. Commercial Laundries buys older laundry equipment to include in our used inventory stock. Many of our customers shop for used equipment that may not have the latest innovative features but is still in good working condition. Get in touch with us to learn more about selling us your old laundry machines.

Maintenance for Commercial Laundry Machines in Florida

As a business or commercial property, you can’t afford laundry center downtime. Let our maintenance and repair specialists help you maintain your washers and dryers. Maintenance and repair services are included in our leasing program. However, if you purchase your laundry equipment, you can include one of our service packages to ensure you get the prompt service you need to maintain your commercial laundry machines.

Buy Parts and Services for Miami Commercial Laundry Equipment

Looking for commercial washer and dryer parts in the Miami, FL, region? Commercial Laundries maintains a large inventory of parts and provides top-tier maintenance and repair solutions. We’re devoted to providing everything customers need when it comes to commercial laundry equipment. Whether you need washing machine installation, dryer repair, or need replacement parts for your stackable set, you can rely on us. 

Contact Commercial Laundries and Get Miami’s Best Commercial Washers and Dryers

Discover why Miami businesses choose Commercial Laundries for their laundry equipment and related service needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about the respected brands we carry and our services or schedule a service call. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of our service or our laundry machines.

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