Why Use Credit Card Op Washers and Dryers for your Laundry Facility

July 26, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Why Use Credit Card Op Washers and Dryers for your Laundry Facility

Incorporating credit card op washers and dryers in your laundry facility adds many benefits to both property owners and users.

If you are researching the best credit card operated washers and dryers for your facility, it means you are probably underwhelmed with your current system.  Although coin op machines are a great traditional payment system, you may be looking for a way to attract new patrons, increase the satisfaction of your current residents, or you wish to make your job just a little bit easier as a property owner.  And we can tell you from experience, a cashless card operated system will help you in all those areas. Here are several reasons why credit card op washers and dryers are a fantastic option for you and your property.

Make Your Job as a Property Owner Easier

As a property owner, your plate is probably full, and time is perhaps something you don’t have a lot of.  Card operated equipment is the best way to take care of some of those daunting responsibilities around your laundry facility and free up your schedule.  Save yourself time from collecting, counting, and depositing coins or the funds it would cost you to hire another employee.  With card payments, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a digital and remote system.

Save Yourself Money and Increase Your Security

Owning any business can be stressful, especially when you are worried about theft or counterfeits.  With the decrease of coins and cash in your facility, you can be a bit laxer on security and loosen your grip.  With most transactions being by credit card, you can deter illegal activity.

Track Your Revenue Easily and Accurately

One of the best things about credit card op washers and dryers is the transparency you will have into your business.  Through an online platform, you can conveniently track your profits quickly and accurately with real-time reports.

Monitor Machines and User Activity

Clarity over your business is a priceless asset.  Know what is going on in your laundry facility and analyze your patrons use.  The best credit card operated washers and dryers will give you the ability to offer promotions and discounts based on user habits and instantly adjust pricing when you see fit.

Bring Your Laundry Facility Up to Date with Credit Card Op Washers and Dryers

No doubt about it, coin-operated laundry is still relevant and widely accepted today.  Customers trust them and they are easily accessible and user-friendly.  What many people don’t realize is just how easy card operated machines are.  When your patrons see how simple they are to operate, they will be quickly converted with all the convenience they have to offer.

Rest assured, having a card operated system doesn’t mean you are leaving any of your patrons out.  If your customers do not have access to a credit card, they can still do their laundry with the use of a cash-to-card kiosk.  Users can easily use cash to purchase a laundry card and upload funds.

Bring the Experience of Convenient Cashless Laundry to Your Property and Your Residents

We must not forget who this is all for.  Your residents are looking for any little convenience life can offer, and laundry is no different.  With the ability to use their credit cards for laundry and purchases, they will not have to worry about coming up with the cash or coins to do next week’s laundry.  With cashless payments becoming the norm, it is wise for you to keep your laundry business up to speed.

Get the Best Credit Card Operated Washers and Dryers from Commercial Laundries Orlando

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