Where to Lease or Buy Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

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Lease or buy commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers to introduce “effortless laundry” to your onsite amenity.

Commercial Speed Queen Laundry Machines

As the leader in commercial laundry, Speed Queen has more than 110 years of expertise and quality engineering.  Since 1908 they have focused on constructing robust and innovative machines with sophisticated technology built to stand the test of time.  With their advanced Quantum controls they aim to make laundry more interactive and efficient, all the while more accessible and profitable for you.

Buy Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

All of the commercial Speed Queen laundry machines are uniquely designed to deliver ultimate results with the power and performance you would expect.  Their card and coin operated machines come in a variety of models depending on your needs and preference.  Select from their timeless top loading washers or their revolutionary front loaders and stackable models.

Front Load Washers

  • Modern design with large 21.5 lb. capacity stainless steel wash tubs
  • 1200 RPM spin speed which exerts 440 G-force for water extraction
  • Sturdy suspension system and groundbreaking balancing technology
  • Increased water efficiency to help lower utility costs
  • 100% ADA compliant

Top Load Washers

  • Heavy-duty build available in 3.26 cu. ft. capacity stainless steel wash tubs
  • Traditional design with energy efficient and modern functioning
  • 27 wash cycle selection and programming flexibility
  • Extraction speed of 710 RPMs for a drier result
  • Advanced suspension to reduce vibration


  • Stack washer/dryers available in 21 and 18 lb. capacity stainless steel wash tubs
  • Take up half the floor space with all the power and performance of conventional machines
  • Washers and dryers have the same connections and standard equipment
  • Designed with less moving parts resulting in fewer maintenance issues
  • Free standing softmount design with strong suspension

Innovative and Energy Efficient Design and Engineering

Choose from Speed Queen’s many different models and designs to best suit your onsite laundry facility.  All washers are energy efficient resulting in less water, gas and electricity usage.  With Speed Queen’s Quantum controls, you can help keep costs down by taking advantage of programmable water levels for each cycle.  “Low Power Mode” allows you to program your machines to go into power saving mode when your facility is not in use. 

Advanced Technology and Quantum Controls

Commercial Speed Queen laundry machines innovative design and engineering allow you to have as much control over your laundry operation as you would like.  With their sophisticated Quantum controls, you will be able to maximize on your revenue with their multi-level pricing, time-of-day rates and cycle upgrades to increase profits and upsell your products and use incentives and rewards to promote customer loyalty. 

Give Your Tenants the Gift of “Effortless Laundry”

Make life a little bit easier by providing your tenants with the convenience of Speed Queen laundry machines.  Commercial Speed Queen laundry machines give patrons the ability to connect with your machines through their smartphone application.  Through the app, tenants can make mobile payments, accumulate reward points, and receive alerts and notifications about laundry status and available machines.   Residents can also send you messages about service questions and issues.

Buy or Lease Your Commercial Speed Queen Laundry Machines from a Reputable Dealer

If you are in the market to buy commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers Commercial Laundries can help.  With our large inventory and 15,000-square-foot warehouse we are sure to always have the equipment and parts that you need in stock.  Lease commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers for a budget friendly solution and access to our complimentary service and maintenance program. 

Contact one of our representatives at, (855) 254-9274 to discuss your options to buy or lease commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers today.

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