Where to Find Laundry Equipment Leasing Companies in Orlando

November 13, 2019 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , Laundry equipment leasing , Orlando

laundry equipment leasing companies

Upgrade your commercial laundry facility by leasing laundry machines.

You don’t have to look far to find the best laundry equipment leasing companies in Orlando. Commercial Laundries in Orlando carries some of the finest laundry products on the market today.

And we offer affordable options for you to get the commercial washer and dryer leasing equipment you need regardless of your budget’s status.

Commercial Washer and Dryer Leasing

When leasing laundry machines with us, we will try to make the process simple and cost-effective.

We can customize a leasing option for you that can meet your business needs and your budget. Your leased laundry equipment will literally pay for itself and still provide you with a lucrative income.

Our leasing program is a great way to work around a tight budget to get the washer and dryer leasing equipment needed to operate a successful business.

Leasing laundry machines with Commercial Laundries provides you with complimentary maintenance and repair services on all your leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract.

All of our leases are tax-deductible and can provide you with premium laundry products that are an asset to your business.

We employ a great team of professional mechanics and technicians who are adept at handling all of your laundry machine requirements.

When leasing laundry machines, one of our technicians will make regular visits to your laundry facility to maintain your leased machines.

Your technician will make sure that your machines are operating efficiently and at their peak performance level, delivering a superior laundry service to your patrons.

Our leased laundry equipment has advanced engineering and cycle options, that can meet all your patrons’ expectations.

If you want to upgrade your laundry facility, we can install new, matching laundry equipment in either coin or card-operated formats.

Leasing laundry machines means that you can streamline your facility by selecting the type of machines you want.

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Laundry Equipment Leasing Companies

Commercial Laundries is a leader among laundry equipment leasing companies in Florida.

We are Florida’s leading commercial laundry vendor for the commercial and educational sectors in the state.

Established in 1967, we serve thousands of laundry facilities across the state, and would consider it a privilege to serve you too.

We carry a fine inventory of coin and card-operated laundry equipment, in front and top-loading models.

Our laundry equipment is sold at competitive prices, and we also sell refurbished laundry equipment that is rebuilt with quality parts so that it works like new machines.

As Florida’s leader among laundry equipment leasing companies, we also provide many important services that include:

• Delivery and installation of laundry machines

• Removal of old machines

• Maintenance and repair services

• Affordable service contracts

• Complimentary Utility Assessment Reports

We have three offices that are located in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. To better serve our clients, we also retain a large warehouse stocked with commercial laundry products, and machine parts, so that we have the resources available when you need them.

If you are in need of repair services, we can expedite the process so that your machines are up and running quickly.

Commercial Washer and Dryer Leasing

If you have laundry equipment that is in disrepair and needs to be replaced, you should consider commercial washer and dryer leasing with Commercial Laundries.

We carry a fine selection of world-famous brands that are known for their technical and mechanical innovations, that have improved machine performance and cost-effective savings in utilities.

You can have the machines you need now for your laundry facility.

We are a family-owned business for more than 50 years. For more information about leasing laundry machines, contact Commercial Laundries today at 407-986-1410.

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