What to Look for in the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Your Property

June 7, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Orlando

What to Look for in the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Your Property

To get the absolute best commercial washer and dryer for all different commercial sectors, keep your eye out for some of these key features.

Purchasing one commercial laundry machine or a whole fleet doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you know what to look for.  Investing in quality equipment from a reputable commercial laundry supplier will guarantee optimal results and the support you need for your business.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we specialize in self-service equipment for many different property types.  If you are searching for a commercial washer and dryer for motels, multi-family housing, college campuses, or RV parks, we have a large selection of superior commercial-grade machines to add value to your property and satisfy your patrons.  Here are some of the things to look for in the best commercial washer and dryer.

The Best Commercial Washer and Dryer for Condos, Motels, Hotels, and RV and Mobile Home Parks

No matter the type of business you own or the property you run, if you are catering to a high-traffic area, you want to ensure you are getting commercial-grade washers and dryers.  Whether you are buying one machine or an entire fleet, investing in the right kind of equipment for commercial use is essential.

Laundry Equipment Built for Longevity

As with any purchase for your property, you want to make sure you are investing in quality products that will add value and last for years to come.  Look for equipment that has some of the following features to ensure it will endure the demands of your residents.

  •       Durable stainless steel or porcelain washtubs.
  •       Soft mount and advanced suspension systems for easy installation and less vibration.
  •       Look for multiple soap dispensing compartments to give your residents more options and avoid clogging and build-up.
  •       Wide door openings to make loading and unloading easier and avoid damage.
  •       For coin-operated equipment, select machines with integrated meter cases and large capacity coin boxes for enhanced safety and to avoid jamming.

Commercial Laundry Brands You Can Trust

There are many makes, models, and brands that are out there on the market, but you want to choose a manufacturer you know and trust.  One that delivers on durability, sustainability, and innovation.  Here are our top three recommendations when it comes to commercial washers and dryers you can rely on.

Innovative Features in Commercial Laundry

When we speak of innovation, we are not only referring to technology.  We are talking about advancements in construction and engineering that have led to higher performance and sustainability.  Keep an eye out for these groundbreaking functions.

  •       Fast RPM speeds for larger g-force extractions to reduce moisture and drying time.
  •       Multi-level vend pricing to promote upselling and an increase in profits.
  •       Easy-to-read and use digital displays with multiple cycle functions.
  •       Energy-efficient washers and dryers to cut utility costs and wasted resources.
  •       Choose adaptable machines in case you would like to add different payment options in the future, such as card-readers and mobile laundry applications.
  •       Select machines with convenient features such as Wash Alert from Speed Queen, so users can get mobile updates and notifications on their laundry progress.

Where to Buy a Commercial Washer and Dryer for Condos

Have you ever considered a used commercial washer and dryer for condos?  Or leasing a commercial washer and dryer for motels?  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have multiple financial options for you to choose from.  Whether you would like to buy new or used commercial equipment or lease your washers and dryer, we have options to suit all types of budgets.

To get your hands on the best commercial washer and dryer for motels, condos, college campuses, or mobile parks, give Commercial Laundries Orlando a call at, (407) 986-1410.

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