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September 30, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Washer Dryer Student Housing Options MiamiAre you trying to determine the best washers and dryers for your Miami student-housing complex? College students can be a loyal and very profitable customer base, and the large number of student housing facilities in Miami and the surrounding areas has property owners competing to attract the best students to their facilities. Adding a self-service laundry room to the list of student housing amenities you offer is an excellent way to attract these residents to your dormitory, residence hall, apartment building, or other off-campus housing facility. In order to generate maximum tenant appeal and produce the greatest revenue, you need to stock your laundry room with the specific washer dryer student housing options Miami scholars are looking for. Commercial Laundries’ laundry room experts can help you assess your residents’ laundry needs and find the equipment options that best fulfill those requirements.

Miami Commercial Washers and Dryers for Undergraduate Student Housing
Miami undergraduates are often newcomers to handling their own affairs, and their inexperience with laundry duties and budgeting make top load washers and dryers the natural option for these young residents. Top load washers and dryers offer simple to understand cycles that even inexperienced launderers can handle with ease, and their affordable wash options can help keep clean clothes within even fiscally irresponsible undergrads’ means. Commercial top load laundry equipment is durable, offering reliable performance even under heavy use conditions, and works with any type of laundry detergent and softener.

Commercial Laundry Equipment in Miami Graduate and Married Student Housing
With graduate and married student housing you are catering to  a different type of student, many of whom are entering the professional world through internships and mentor programs while completing their studies. Front load washers and dryers offer sophisticated cycles and wash options that can handle the variety of fabric and care settings required by these students’ professional outfits. Front load commercial laundry equipment offers efficient operation and large capacity tubs, perfect for busy older students juggling school and work duties, leaving  a limited amount of time to spend doing laundry.

Small Apartment Student Housing Laundry Machine Options in Miami
If your Miami student housing is in a small apartment building or residence hall, you can still offer your students the convenience of an on-premises laundry room using stack washer/dryer combos. These petite machines offer all the features and performance of conventional laundry machines, while requiring only half the space. Stack washer/dryer combos can fit in the small, unused spaces of your building: at the end of a hall, in a utility closet, or in the corner of an office, mailroom, or snack room.

The commercial laundry equipment you select for your Miami student housing facility comes in your choice of payment options; you can choose traditional Miami coin operated washers and dryers or offer your residents the convenience and enhanced safety provided by smart card operated laundry equipment. Card operated laundry equipment keeps cash out of the laundry room; there are no coin boxes to tempt bored students to theft, and parents can load money on the smart card with their debit or credit card, guaranteeing their children spend the funds on laundry instead of leisure pursuits.

Let Commercial Laundries’ laundry experts help you select the washer dryer student housing options Miami scholars are looking for! We have a large selection of new and used commercial laundry equipment, with flexible financing and leasing options so you can have a fully stocked laundry room to attract the best Miami students to your property.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our laundry equipment experts help you select the best washer dryer options for your Miami student housing property!

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