Washer and Dryer Sets for Sale in Orlando

Washer and Dryer Sets for Sale in Orlando (1)

If you are planning to shop for commercial laundry equipment in Orlando, you will have many options to consider. Today’s commercial laundry equipment is designed in many different styles and with a broad array of features. While coin slide Speed Queens might be ideal for an Orlando laundromat, card-operated commercial washers and dryers might be ideal for multi-housing laundry facilities. Use our commercial laundry machines equipment overview to help you choose the best laundry machines for your facility or business.

  Coin and Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Orlando

It’s necessary to choose what payment system you want to use in conjunction with your top load washer and commercial dryers. Coin-operated laundry machines continue to be found in premise laundry facilities such as laundry facilities of apartment buildings and mobile home parks, but your management team might be ready to upgrade to a card-operated commercial stack washer-dryer set. If you choose card-operated laundry equipment in Orlando, your customers or residents can easily use a laundry app to load money onto their smart cards for payment. Many multi-housing condos and apartment complexes are upgrading to card-operated commercial laundry machines.

  Quality Commercial Washer and Dryers

Choose nations leading brands like Speed Queen or Maytag when you shop for your next commercial laundry set. Top brands come with robust guarantees and are known for the quality of their machines. Choose a washer and dryer set that is designed with durability in mind. It’s also advisable to shop for a brand that has an environmental commitment to energy-efficient design and manufacturing as well as a company that won’t sell you personal information when you contact them with your feedback form.

  Maintenance and Repair

Even the best commercial stack washer-dryer set needs maintenance and repairs at some point. It’s important to work with Commercial Laundries Orlando because we have a solid reputation for service. As a business or commercial property owner/management team, you can’t afford for your laundry equipment to be down for days on end. You need fast and reliable service.

While it’s important to choose a well-made top load washer or single load dryer for your laundry facility, it’s also wise to purchase your laundry machines from a respected laundry industry vendor in Orlando. Call our team today at 855-254-9274 for a free quote.

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