Things to Consider When Buying Used Commercial laundry Equipment in Fort Myers

August 23, 2017 | Categories: fort myers , Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

used commercial laundry equipment

Find used commercial laundry equipment for sale at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers

Do you need extra machines for your retail laundry business but money is tight right now? If you are an owner and manager of a commercial laundry facility and need extra machines, our used commercial laundry equipment is the answer for you. Commercial Laundries carries used commercial laundry equipment for sale at competitive pricing. We serve all types of businesses throughout Florida, including: hospitals, multi-housing properties, Laundromats, hotels, industrial complexes and much more. Whatever commercial laundry needs you may have, we can equip you with the finest, most dependable and warranted used commercial laundry equipment.

When you partner with us we take care of all your laundry equipment needs, saving you time and money for other business necessities. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and your business will have what it needs to be productive and profitable. Some important features that you should consider when buying used laundry machines from us are:


  1. We carry the finest used commercial laundry equipment for sale in Fort Myers that provides many benefits that include:
  • All of our laundry equipment is Energy Star certified for energy efficient savings on water, gas, sewer and electric bills.
  • We also carry DOE certified laundry machines that are designed to provide easy access to the handicapped community.
  • Our used commercial laundry equipment for sale is built with the latest technological advancements in the industry to provide high-efficiency benefits such as:
  • You will see a decrease in water usage and up to 50% less wastewater
  • You will have an estimated one-third reduction in hot water and energy usage
  • Our used machines have high speed agitators and water extraction features for a quicker and cleaner laundry outcome
  • Large stainless steel and porcelain ceramic washtubs prevent laundry snags during the wash cycle
  • All our used machines have easy to read and use digital display panels, and multiple cycle options and temperature selections


  1. Our used commercial laundry equipment in Fort Myers is available in a variety of models, including front or top loaders and stackables for facilities with a limited amount of available space.


  1. You can choose from among the finest card and coin operated washers and dryers in the laundry business, built by such reputable companies as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. These manufacturers are known for producing reliable, durable and efficient machines that stand the test of time.


  1. Our coin operated washers and dryers are equipped with an easy coin slide access and high capacity coin vaults that hold a large amount of coins. All coin vaults are built with solid construction to withstand damage, theft and tampering, and they also reject foreign money and slugs. Our coin operated washers and dryers will be a profitable addiction to your retail laundry facility and your patrons will love their ease of use and excellent performance capability.


  1. Here at Commercial Laundries, we employ our own team of licensed and insured technicians and mechanics, who attend continuing education classes to learn the latest mechanical and technological advancements in our industry. Our skilled technicians are assigned their own personal route of clients, which we find serves you best because he builds a relationship with you and also becomes familiar with the needs of your laundry facility.


  1. We provide many services including: delivery, installation, removal of old machines, maintenance visits, repair services and utility Assessment Reports.


  1. In addition to our corporate office, we also maintain a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is stocked with laundry equipment and parts. When you partner with us, you will find that we have the knowledge, experience and resources to meet every one of your laundry equipment needs.


These are important things for you to consider when buying commercial laundry equipment, and that is why you should partner with an established commercial laundry vendor who knows how to take care of their clients laundry business needs. To learn more about our used commercial laundry equipment and other great products and services, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 239-307-0623.

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