Top Load Coin Operated Washer

June 19, 2014 | Categories: Coin-Operated Washing Machines

Load Coin Operated WasherAre you looking for a commercial washing machine that is durable enough to stand up to heavy use and still deliver reliable performance? If so, a top load coin operated washer may be exactly what you need. Choosing commercial washers and dryers for a self-service laundry room is more than just a matter of finding the equipment with the fanciest features or highest price tag. Instead, you need to carefully match the features, functionality, and load price of the laundry room equipment to the budgetary and cleaning needs of your particular tenants. Top load coin operated washers are a wise choice for owners looking for versatile laundry room machines that deliver affordable, reliable performance in a variety of situations.

There are a number of features that make top load coin operated washers a universally useful choice for laundry room owners. They offer affordable wash cycles popular with tenants who are searching for budget-conscious laundry options, delivering easy to understand cycle options and choices. Users can use their favorite detergents in top load washers, without the need to purchase HE compatible supplies. Modern top load washing machines also offer energy and water saving options that make them popular with today’s ecologically minded consumers. The long term operating costs of a top load washer are lower than the front load washer.

Top load coin operated washers are available that use electo-mechanical controls rather than computerized boards. In areas that experience frequent power fluctuation and failures, these machines are invaluable since when power is restored, they resume operation without having to restart the entire wash cycle. This is especially useful in college dormitories, where students often cause accidental outages. Top load washers are the workhorses of the washer world, able to stand up to constant, heavy use while delivering reliable performance.

Most multi-family laundry room owners prefer to offer a mix of commercial laundry equipment in their facilities. Commercial Laundries carries an extensive inventory of new and used coin operated laundry machines for sale, from the most respected brand names in the business – Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. We offer a large selection of high-efficiency top and front load washers and dryers, specifically designed to reduce the cost of your utilities. We also carry the latest smart-card operated washers and dryers,  as well a complete line of competitively priced replacement parts and accessories.

Whether you purchase your laundry room equipment or choose one of Commercial Laundries’ popular lease options, we will install your commercial laundry equipment free of charge. Our installation professionals will then remove your old equipment, again free of charge. Once your laundry room is operational, you can rely on our technicians to respond to any requests for service quickly and professionally, providing repair services that will keep your laundry room operating efficiently for years to come.

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