Tips for Keeping your Commercial Laundry Equipment Running Longer

Protect your investment in your laundry equipment and avoid costly commercial laundry repair services and replacements with some simple preventative measures.

keep commercial laundry equipment running longer

All machines, automobiles, elevators, lawn mowers and household appliances, need maintenance.  This includes your commercial laundry machines.  The best way to extend the lifetime of your equipment is to put some time into your investment and perform some routine checkups and maintenance.  When the going gets tough, know that you can call on Commercial Laundries Orlando to help with all your commercial laundry repair services and maintenance.  Here are some maintenance tips for keep your commercial laundry equipment running longer and more efficiently.

Follow the Owner’s Manual

This may seem like an easy one, but many owners toss this booklet to the side and never look at it again.  Inside these manuals is important information for your specific machine and the care it needs; like utility requirements, types of filters and hoses, frequency of maintenance tasks, and specific cleaning products you should be using to keep your machine performing well.  Taking the time to read through this guide to truly understand your commercial laundry equipment will save you on costly repair services in the future.

Keep Laundry Machines Clean; Inside and Out

Maintaining the appearance of your commercial laundry business is as essential as having functional laundry equipment.  That’s why keeping the inside of your washers and dryers free from buildup is the first preventative measure to take to avoid pesky commercial laundry repair services.

  • Clean soap dispensers: Liquid and powder detergents can quickly gunk up your dispensers leading to sticky residue and clogged up trays.  Not only is this bad for the machines but it is bad for business.  No patron wants to clean up after the person before them.  Checking on dispensers and wiping them down occasionally, will prevent detergent buildup and the need for elbow grease later on.
  • Wipe down washer door seals: Regularly checking and wiping down washer door seals will remove buildup and prevent mold.  Keep seals clean and dry to avoid corrosion and to make sure doors maintain their water-tight seal to avoid leaks.
  • Remove dirt and grime from washtubs: Wipe down and clean drums to avoid dirt accumulation and musty odors.  Check owner’s manual for products recommended for your machines.
  • Leave washer doors open when possible: Leaving washer doors open between use or each night will help them dry and keep air circulating to avoid mold accumulation and musty odors.
  • Keep exterior of machines clean: Appearance is everything.  Maintain a clean and dust free laundry room to keep patrons satisfied and coming back.  Keeping exteriors clean from spilt detergent will avoid corrosion.  Wipe off lint and debris to keeping it from getting inside the machine and vents.
  • Clear lint filters: Try encouraging patrons with friendly signs to clean out lint filters after each use.  This should constantly be monitored to prevent overheating and potential fires.

Clean and Replace Filters, Hoses and Belts

Filers, hoses and belts are often forgotten about because they are not something you can readily see every day.  By keeping this in mind and setting reminders you will be able to keep your machines from becoming sluggish or damaged.  Remember to address owner’s manual for machine specific instructions and commercial laundry repair service.

  • Clear water filter inlet screens: Brush out dirt and grit and soak screen in mild solution to maintain proper water flow and avoid costly water bills.
  • Check inlet and outlet hoses often: These hoses can leak and become build up with sediments.  Check and replace as needed to prevent flooding and high-water costs.
  • Check motor belts: Look for fraying or damage and replace as needed, usually twice per year.

Get a Dependable Service and Maintenance Package

Just like your car needs an auto mechanic, your laundry machines need a specialize commercial laundry mechanic.  You wouldn’t take your car to just anyone and the same should be said for your laundry equipment.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has a knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians and mechanics you can call on for commercial laundry repair service near you.

Running an onsite commercial laundry service on top of your other business and duties can be exhausting.  That’s why we offer affordable service and maintenance packages to help keep your facility operating without a hitch.

Have a look at the many other services we offer to Orlando commercial laundry facilities and give us a call at (407) 986-1410 to help take some of that weight off your shoulders.

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