The Advantages of On-Premise Laundry Equipment in Orlando

May 10, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines , Orlando

The Advantages of On-Premise Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Maintaining laundry facilities at your site, whether it’s a home, commercial property such as an apartment complex, mobile home parks, hotel, or other business that relies on fresh laundry, has its advantages. On premise laundry offers a wide range of benefits. Off-site commercial laundry facilities require transportation of laundry, which can be inconvenient for residents or employees. If you’re considering outfitting your property with laundry equipment, you’ll have these benefits to look forward to.

Laundry Payment

If you choose to install card operated laundry machines or coin operated laundry, you can earn profit. Just like laundromat owners, you can make income by offering coin laundry machines to your tenants. You’ll need a commercial washer and commercial dryer to accommodate your facility needs. You can also lease commercial laundry equipment such as coin slide laundry machines to maintain on your property.

Cost Savings

If you currently send your laundry out for service, you can save money by tackling it on your property. You won’t have any pick-up or delivery costs or inflated laundry charges. You’ll only need to pay for your laundry products and utilities. That can result in considerable cost savings for your business.

Complete Control

When you purchase commercial laundry machines for your facility, you’ll have complete control over their pricing and use. Commercial laundry equipment often comes with easily programmable features. Choose from coin operated laundry units or card operated laundry machines. Your management team can develop an equipment overview that includes a schedule and rules for their usage. They can even make an environmental commitment to operate the washing machines during non-peak usage hours to help conserve energy. You can also use a laundry app to help you control your commercial top load washer or commercial rear control single dryer.

Fast Turnaround Time

If you have a speed queen commercial top load washer and commercial dryer, you can ensure quick laundering service for you or your tenants. With a commercial stack washer dryer set, your tenants don’t have to drive anywhere to do their laundry. They can conveniently access your washers and dryers. Once they complete their laundry tasks, someone else can access the machines. This quick turnaround time can translate into greater convenience as well as more profit.

Easy-to-Use Laundry Systems

Commercial washers and dryers are not difficult to use. Your employees or commercial property residents should have no problems using your laundry systems. You can use a feedback form to find out what residents want in coin operated laundry equipment. You can invite them to list their laundry requirements on the feedback form so you can install the ideal solutions for their needs.

Whether you purchase a front control front load washer for your property or invest in a commercial single load dryer, you can expect to enjoy these great benefits. Commercial washers and dryers do require upkeep, and you’ll also need to perform vent cleaning, but your stack dryers and washers will deliver terrific convenience for your business and your tenants. If you have multi housing facilities, residents are sure to expect commercial laundry equipment on site.

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