Stackable Washing Machine and Dryers

July 28, 2015 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Stackable Washing Machine and DryersHas the time come to add a commercial laundry area to your multi-housing rental property or commercial business? Have you been researching various types of commercial laundry equipment such as stackable washing machines and dryers?  Perhaps you are curious which piece of equipment can offer your property or business the most benefits. If any of these sound familiar, Commercial Laundries wants to help you. We have been working with customers throughout South Florida for the past 45 years, helping to design, install and maintain the commercial laundry facility of their dreams. Installing an onsite facility in a property such as a multi-housing rental unit is beneficial in a variety of ways – tenants are able to launder their clothes without the hassle of traveling and you have the opportunity to generate extra income. Onsite commercial laundry facilities are also great for a business that has large amounts of linens to launder on a daily basis such as a hospital, school, catering company and more. One area we specialize in at Commercial Laundries is designing and installing efficient onsite commercial laundry facilities in property’s that are short on space. For these types of dilemmas, we suggest considering stackable commercial laundry equipment.

Stackable washing machines and dryers are the ideal solution for property owners who are working with a small space but are still seeking a way to generate income and meet the needs of the property’s inhabitants. A member from the Commercial Laundries team will first analyze your current property space and learn more about the needs of the property. Your budget, current use of space, and whether or not you already have a laundry facility onsite will also be taken into consideration. In addition, you and our skilled team member will discuss the options of leasing laundry equipment or purchasing new or used laundry equipment. All of these options make it possible for you to find the exact laundry solution you need within your budget. Stackable laundry equipment is most beneficial in the following scenarios:

  • Needing to Use Space Wisely – For those with limited space but a need for a commercial laundry facility, stackable washing machines and dryers are a top choice. This type of equipment takes up less square footage horizontally and can be as much as half the size of traditional, bulky equipment. Keeping your small space in mind, our team will design and plan the best use of the area with the equipment you choose.
  • Looking for Functionality and Efficiency – In addition to using up to one-third less water, energy and detergent (saving you money), stackable washing machines and dryers can also help you generate the extra income you are seeking. Ask a Commercial Laundries team member about specific information regarding the water and energy savings of stackable equipment. We believe in selling and leasing the most efficient and durable equipment available and only work with top name brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. By working with these brands, which have built themselves a solid reputation, we can trust our customers are getting the most durable and functional equipment available.

No matter what type of business or property you own, our team looks forward to working with you and finding the ideal equipment to meet your needs. From apartments and condominiums to student housing and small businesses, we will put together a design and select pieces from our massive inventory to build you the onsite laundry facility you have been waiting for.

At Commercial Laundries, our goal is to help you maximize your property’s revenue stream while offering world-class customer service. In addition to helping you design and build your onsite laundry facility, we have a team of certified and insured full-time technicians who will be at your service should you ever need repair or maintenance.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) and learn more about which stackable washing machines and dryers would be ideal for your new commercial laundry facility!

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