Stackable Commercial Washers and Dryers

May 6, 2016 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Add a top amenity and defy space restrictions with stackable commercial washers and dryers

Stackable Commercial Washers and DryersAre you seeking to add an onsite commercial laundry area to your property but have size and space concerns? If this sounds like you, stackable commercial washers and dryers may be your ideal solution. Imagine the makes and models that have the same incredible cleaning power as traditional equipment but take up only half the square footage of full sized machines. All of this and more is possible with stackable commercial washers and dryers. At Commercial Laundries, we have worked with thousands of clients throughout Florida who were in need of affordable laundry solutions that would work for areas tight on space. Whether you are outfitting a multi-housing rental property, dormitory, hospital or catering hall, we have laundry solutions that will work for you.

Commercial washer and dryer stackables come in a variety of options. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with both new and used selections from leading manufacturers in the business. Machines from companies such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen fill our warehouse because we know these washers and dryers are solid, reliable and long-lasting. Their stackable laundry equipment construction ensures you will receive the most efficient and dependable machine. With touch panel controls and groundbreaking technology that decreases vibration and makes little noise, you will wonder why you did not install commercial stackable equipment sooner.

If you are ready to learn more about stackable washers and dryers, speak with one of our skilled representatives today. You will learn more about your options including whether new or used equipment is right for your needs, and if purchasing or leasing is ideal for your budget. Regardless if you choose new or used equipment, you will have peace of mind knowing your sale is protected, thanks to solid warranties that come with every washer and dryer. Plus, for our leasing clients, all services and repair to any of our machines is free of charge. This ensures your machinery is in top working order and extends the life of the equipment. We also offer coin-operated and card-operated machines payment options, depending on your preferences and budget.

Still wondering how commercial washer and dryer stackables can benefit your property or business? For multi-housing rental properties, owners know that tenants expect some type of onsite laundry area in today’s world. In fact, recent surveys and studies from The National Multi-Housing Council share that onsite laundry solutions land in the top three of desired amenities among renters. By adding stackable commercial washers and dryers, business and property owners are acquiring a way to generate additional revenue and are making their building more enticing to potential renters.

For businesses such as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, restaurants and industrial facilities that have large amounts of linens that need continuous laundering, stackable equipment is an ideal solution. Not only does it keep your linen onsite at all times, but you may also see an annual savings in laundry costs by as much as 50 percent!

Dormitories can also benefit from commercial stackable washers and dryers. These pieces of equipment take up half the floor space of traditional machinery, will entice students when choosing their dormitory, and can provide an additional revenue stream to the building owner.

Isn’t it time to install a top amenity in your property? Ask one of our knowledgeable team members which stackable washer and dryer combination would be right for your needs and budget. Contact Commercial Laundries at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) today and let us transform your property with the help of stackable commercial washers and dryers!

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