Speed Queen Commercial Washer and Dryers at Commercial Laundries

speed queen commercial washer

Learn how Speed Queen washers can add value to your multi-housing, on-site commercial laundry facility.

If your laundry facility needs an update, you can bring it into the future with our progressive Speed Queen commercial washer equipment. Our Speed Queen washing machine offers an unrivaled value that will please both you and your patron base.

Speed Queen Commercial Washer Technology

The manufacturers of Speed Queen washers have been designing and building their laundry products for more than 100 years. With diligent research and development, they have created innovations that have advanced the commercial laundry industry. Today, though they stand at the pinnacle of success, are not quite finished with their industrious and progressive mechanical, technical and business advancements.

To help you properly manage your laundry business and serve your patrons well, Speed Queen has created it Insights Program. This program provides valuable tools that give your patrons more control over their laundry tasks, and help you to effectively manage your business. The Insights Program assists you in growing your business and also connecting with your patrons through a cloud-based platform. The Speed Queen app provides many valued benefits for your patrons, such as:

• Using their smartphones to pay for their Speed Queen washing machine usage, and also send you service messages to address issues in your facility.
• Setting up a Speed Queen Rewards plan toward purchases, encouraging your patrons to use your laundry facility.
• Speed Queen’s Wash Alert informs patrons of the status and availability of Speed Queen washers in your facility.
• Patrons can view the remaining cycle time of their Speed Queen commercial washer in use, and receive notifications when the cycle is completed.

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Speed Queen Washing Machine Quantum Control Features

Quantum Control puts you in the driver’s seat and positions you for success. It enables you to maximize revenue with advanced features like:

• Time of day pricing allows you to take advantage of peak and off-peak hours. This valuable feature helps to avoid bottlenecks in your facility, and also promote specials during off-peak hours.
• Cycle modifiers promote cycle upgrade prompts for upgrading cycle options. It is noted that 30 percent of patrons will upgrade their cycle options when they are offered. This feature provides satisfaction to your patrons and allows you to increase profit.
• Multi-Level Pricing can help you offset utility costs by charging more for premium wash cycles.
• Lucky Cycle rewards your loyal patrons by granting them a free wash or dry after they have completed a specific amount of machine cycles.
• Quantum Control’s 30 programmable water levels allow you to modify the amount of water that is used for each machine cycle, significantly reducing water costs.
• Low Power Mode and Shutdown Assistant enable you to program your Speed Queen washers and dryers to go into a low power or shut down mode when your laundry facility is closed.
• Another valued feature of Speed Queen’s Quantum Control is the Auto Water Leak Detection device. This feature allows your drain system to be monitored, and will immediately alert you in the event that there is a leak or obstruction that can cause flooding.

Upscale Speed Queen Washer Equipment for Your Property

You can bring your commercial laundry facility into the future by choosing to install our progressive Speed Queen commercial washer equipment. Speed Queen is providing intelligent laundry solutions that will prove to be an asset to your business. Plus, your patrons will appreciate and enjoy the upgrades to their laundry experience with new Speed Queen washing machine equipment. Doing laundry will never be the same, and there is no better time than today to become a part of its future. A full in-depth review for your laundry business by choosing Speed Queen washer and dryer options.

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