Speed Queen Commercial Laundry

June 2, 2016 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment

Upgrade your property instantly with Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment

Speed Queen Commercial LaundryAre you considering a new upgrade for your rental complex or commercial institution that would increase tenant retention and generate a profitable income too? An in-house Speed Queen commercial laundry facility is a great amenity to attract new tenants and keep the ones you already have. Perhaps you own or manage a commercial property or multi-housing structure and are seeking to revamp your on-premise laundry facility. An  upgraded onsite facility can generate income, instantly rejuvenate your property and satisfy your current renters. Commercial Laundries can help you assess your laundry business needs and meet your goals in a cost-effective way.  We carry a full line of top-tier new and used commercial laundry equipment with such popular names as Speed Queen and more. Our machines are strong, durable and built to last through the rugged demands of daily use. As an industry leader, we offer professional, dependable service to our clients from equipment installation, maintenance, repairs and more.

When you partner with us we will help you set-up your Speed Queen commercial laundry facility and explain the different types of machine options available for your laundry needs. Our South Florida warehouse is a 15,000 square foot complex that stores all our commercial laundry equipment and parts so that we are always prepared to help you add or replace machines and do repairs.

Our Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers come in front or top loaders and are durably constructed for heavy duty, dependable service and outstanding washing performance. The control panel on a Speed Queen top loader machine is constructed to last up to twenty-five years and comes with a solid warranty. These panels were designed to handle vibrations, power surges, extreme moisture and temperature changes. Speed Queen commercial machines are constructed with metal components, not plastic, to withstand rigorous daily use and maintain a high level of performance. The company has been constructing laundry equipment since 1908, and continually researches new technologies to build a better and faster machine that is energy efficient and cost-effective. Their top loaders present mechanical perfection with a 210 degree agitator providing 68 strokes per minute, while gently shifting the laundry through the water. The wash tub is made with stainless steel to prevent damage to the laundry and each load spins while the water is being drained to ensure that all dirt is removed. Wash cycles finish in a quickly enabling many loads to be laundered daily. The Speed Queen Company builds their machines on the principle of dedication to quality. If you are in need of commercial laundry equipment for your property, you should consider Speed Queen.

Commercial Laundries has both sale or lease options for obtaining commercial laundry equipment. You can choose from coin or Smart-card operated machines for rental properties, student dormitories, etc. or you can opt for traditional machines to be used commercially. Our lease option program allows you to have your laundry facility customized to your needs and budget. All of our leased commercial laundry equipment receives continuous maintenance and service at no cost to you to ensure that your equipment runs at optimal levels of performance for the lifetime of your lease. One of our representatives can help you decide which machine options will best suit your commercial laundry facility. They will visit at your location to assess available space, budget, needs and expectations, and explain the different brands and models we offer.

You can begin to build a new commercial laundry facility or revamp an existing one today using Speed Queen laundry equipment. Let one of our experts help you decide which options are best for your business and budget. Contact Commercial Laundries at 1- 855-254-WASH (9274).

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