Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment: What to Know About the Brand

July 16, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment What to Know About the Brand

Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is among the most trusted and valued on the market, for its dependable construction and innovative features, backed by over a century’s worth of experience and expertise. 

When you want excellence and superb performance, choose a Speed Queen commercial washer and dryer.  Their name and equipment will not disappoint.  With many years of experience and expertise, they have managed to advance and mature their products into the groundbreaking equipment we know today.  With their top-quality machines and robust construction, buyers can rest assured they are making an investment built to last.  Buy or lease Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment and give your residents the ‘effortless laundry’ experience they desire. 

Unparalleled Reputation and Experience 

Speed Queen’s prominent name and superior products have made them one of the top choices among consumers in the commercial laundry industry.  This American-owned and operated company was erected in 1908, in Wisconsin and is one of the largest producers of commercial laundry machines across the globe.  With each of their product comes more advancement and ingenuity and their effort to make each machine better than the last.  

Absolute Quality, Sophisticated Construction, and Advanced Engineering 

When it comes to a Speed Queen commercial washer and dryer, you can be sure you are making a wise decision for your laundry facility and your wallet.  You want washers and dryers that will give you the highest return on investment and Speed Queen card operated laundry machines will do just that.  Their strong build and quality parts put them at the top of the line and with their sound construction comes with fewer machine issues and servicing, saving you on costly repairs and replacements. 

Groundbreaking Controls and Performance 

Speed Queen card operated laundry machines guarantee optimal performance and customizable options for their users and owners.  With their Quantum control features, your residents can have more control over their laundry and the ability to adjust their wash cycles to best suit their needs.  As a property owner, you will have more control over the way your facility operates and have more opportunities for pricing modifications and upselling options with multi-level pricing to enhance revenue. 

Money Saving, Energy-Efficient Features 

Another valuable feature Speed Queen Commercial laundry equipment is known for is its energy efficiency and low global impact.  With their programmable water level options, owners can control water levels for each cycle to help cut water consumption.  They also have a low power and power saving mode that lets you activate a hibernation feature when machines are not in use for an extended amount of time.  The auto water leak detection alerts owners and managers when there is a machine issue to allow you enough time to react to a problem before it gets out of control.  With all of Speed Queen’s energy-efficient characteristics, you will be able to save on resource consumption and utility costs. 

Affordable Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment 

Make the wise investment into a Speed Queen commercial washer and dryer or purchase a whole fleet, with our affordable and competitive prices at Commercial Laundries.  Here, we have competitive and affordable pricing to help you get the machines you desire in your laundry facility.  For even greater savings, consider renting your machines with our popular commercial laundry lease program, to get brand new machines and free service and maintenance. 

To get your hands on affordable Speed Queen card operated laundry, contact Commercial Laundries today at, (855) 254-9274. 

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