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December 28, 2018 | Categories: Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

used laundry equipmentMeet your business and patron expectations with our brand name, used laundry equipment.

What can be more aggravating than having to deal with malfunctioning laundry equipment? If your commercial laundry machines are beginning to fail and you need to replace them with an affordable option, you should consider Commercial Laundries’ used laundry equipment. With our used laundry machines, you can replace failing machines and still stay on budget.

Cost-Effective Commercial Laundry Machines

If you are getting frustrated with constant repair bills, and machine breakdowns, you can save yourself the headaches by purchasing our used laundry machines. We rebuild our used machines with solid construction for sustainability and high performance. Our used laundry machines work like new ones, and will give you many years of excellent service, plus, we back up our claim with a guarantee. Not only will you get great laundry machines, but we will also purchase your broken laundry equipment. Imagine getting the machines you need for your business, plus making money on your old equipment too.

Get the Best Commercial Laundry Machines

We are a client-centric company that aspires to meet the needs of each of our clients, by providing excellent laundry products and services. We employ a highly trained staff that regards our clients with the integrity, professionalism and excellence that they deserve. We offer many valuable services that include: delivery and installation of new and used laundry equipment, removal and purchase of old machines, maintenance and repair services and contracts, and complimentary Utility Assessment Reports.

Our used laundry equipment is thoroughly inspected and rebuilt to meet the high standards of our industry. You can rest assured that you are receiving premium commercial laundry machines, whether you purchase or lease them from us. Plus, we offer maintenance services that will sustain your laundry equipment, and keep it performing optimally. And our repair services are completed promptly, so that your facility is fully engaged.

State of the Art Commercial Laundry Machines

We carry a large inventory of coin and card operated laundry equipment built with advanced engineering. Our manufacturers are known for the many innovative advancements they have contributed to our industry, by creating efficient, cost-effective, sustainable machinery.

All of our new and used laundry machines meet the requirements for Energy Star certification, ensuring a reduction in waste, and water, gas and electric usage. Our high-performance machines can reduce wastewater by up to 50 percent, and reduce hot water usage by up to 30 percent, significantly lowering operating costs.

Our washers are equipped with smooth stainless steel or porcelain enamel washtubs that protect laundry from damage. You will also appreciate advanced agitation and extraction features that deliver a cleaner laundry in less cycle time, plus, residual moisture is removed from laundry so that it requires less time in the dryer. Dryer equipment is engineered with high-powered blower systems for a quick drying cycle.

Your patrons will find our machines easy to use, with digital display dashboards that offer multiple cycle options, water temperature selections and dispenser trays. You can also select space saving stackable laundry equipment for facilities with a limited amount of space, and we also carry ADA compliant machines designed specifically for the handicapped community.

Now you can customize the management of your commercial laundry business with some of our great options. We can assist you in your commercial laundry endeavors and also manage your facility for you.

To learn more about our used laundry equipment, and other products and services, contact Commercial Laundries today at: 305-699-2957.

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