Smart-Card Operated Washers Dryers

December 11, 2014 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Smart-Card Operated Washers DryersAre you searching for a way to offer your tenants the convenience of a self-service laundry room solution, without tying yourself down to the ongoing hassle of collecting, counting, and depositing coins from the laundry machines? Commercial Laundries’ smart card operated washers and dryers may present the perfect solution, allowing you to create an on-site, self-service laundry room that provides your tenants with valuable benefits without requiring you to commit to ongoing coin collection duties.

Traditional self-service laundry machines rely on coin operated payment systems, which use coin slides and coin boxes to collect payment from users. Owners have to collect the coins, count them, and deposit them at a financial institution, wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere. With Commercial Laundries’ smart card laundry machines, no coins change hands; instead, tenants load money onto smart cards at our conveniently located  payment terminal using their credit/debit cards or cash; the smart cards are then used to pay for laundry cycles. You are freed from the burdens of coin collection, and can manage your accounts and perform bookkeeping chores with ease, because our smart card laundry system provides you with reporting functionality to better manage your laundry room solution. With no coin boxes to tempt thieves and no need for residents to carry cash to the laundry room, our smart card operated laundry machines actually create a safer laundry experience for your tenants.

Smart card operated laundry machines provide you with an excellent opportunity to improve your revenue stream. Unlike coin operated systems, which only allow large price increases of 25-cents or more, our smart card technology permits small, incremental price increases that are readily accepted by tenants. You can implement premium-pricing schedules, adjusting prices according to time of day and day of the week to guide laundry room use. By charging more during peak hours and reducing rates on your commercial laundry equipment during downtimes, you can encourage a shift in laundry room habits, eliminating bottlenecks and creating a more enjoyable laundry experience for all.

Commercial Laundries offers flexible purchasing and leasing options that make upgrading an existing laundry room or opening a new laundry room affordable for even the most budget-conscious property owners. When you purchase our commercial laundry equipment, you are responsible for any maintenance and repairs your laundry equipment may need. With our standard Laundry Equipment Lease, we will deliver and install the commercial laundry equipment and perform any needed repairs; you simply collect the revenue and pay us an agreed upon amount.

Commercial Laundries’ Laundry Space Lease is the ideal solution for property owners who prefer a “hands-off” approach to laundry room ownership. Commercial Laundries leases the laundry room space from you; we install our  smart-card operated washers and dryers at no cost to you, perform repairs as needed, collect the revenue generated, and forward a rental payment pursuant to the terms of the lease. If you are interested in providing the convenience of a self-service laundry room to your tenants without having to sacrifice your valuable time, Commercial Laundries’ smart-card operated washers and dryers are your best solution!

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