Should I Purchase New or Used Commercial Laundry Machines?

Search for used commercial washers and dryers for sale from a dependable distributor to save you money, time, and unnecessary headaches.

purchase new or used commercial laundry machines

There are many reasons to buy refurbished equipment over brand new.  Although many people feel that new washers and dryers are ideal, people seldom realize that used commercial laundry machines are usually gently used and refurbished to operate like new.  With just a few years or months of use, used machines are a much greater value and money saver when you know where to look.  Know your machines and the company you are working with.  Choose a distributor that has a great long-standing reputation for their professionalism, quality machines and reliable services.

Save Money with Used Commercial Laundry Machines

It’s no surprise that refurbished machinery comes with some major savings.  Just as when you buy a car, as soon as you leave the lot, that car has depreciated significantly.  Which is why many car and commercial laundry buyers go for previously owned.  Get all the new and innovative features at a fraction of the initial cost and reap the benefits of used commercial laundry machines.          

Quality Refurbished Coin and Card Operated Equipment

When you decide to purchase used coin operated laundry machines and card operated laundry machines make sure you are looking at valuable machines from reputable manufacturers.  Commercial laundry machines come in all sizes, colors, and levels of quality.  Producers such as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool are among the top companies in the world for their dependable and innovative products and their indisputable reputation. On average their machines have superior longevity and durability.  With equipment from these manufacturers, you also encounter less maintenance and repair issues because of their robust engineering and quality parts.

Buy Energy Efficient Machines to Cut Utility Costs

Commercial laundry machines have come a long way in terms of cost saving features.  Energy efficiency is a common facet that buyers look for in their commercial machinery and with a little investment and knowledge, you can purchase used coin operated laundry machines that will also help you save in the long run.  Energy efficient commercial laundry machines are certified and guaranteed to save you on water, gas, and electricity saving you a bundle on utility costs and your carbon emissions.

Don’t Buy a Lemon

There are many companies and second-hand retailers out there that claim to have the best used commercial washers and dryers for sale, but it is imperative that you do your homework.  Machine repair and refurbishing is something that should be done by a qualified technician or mechanic.  Go with a company that has experienced technicians and guarantees their used commercial laundry machines to save you any hassles in the future. 

Purchase Used Coin and Card Operated Laundry Machines from a Reliable Distributor with Quality Services

Commercial Laundries Orlando is a well-known and well-respected commercial laundry distributor in central and Southern Florida.  Our long-standing relationship with our clients speaks to our reputable company and trustworthiness.  All our machines, new and used, are from world renowned manufacturers.   Each of our used commercial washers and dryers for sale have been rigorously examined and refurbished by our outstanding technicians to operate ‘like new’.

When you buy or lease commercial laundry equipment from us you can expect free and speedy deliver and installation and our superior services and customer attentiveness.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to purchase used coin and card operated laundry machines near you.

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