Should I Buy New or Used Coin Laundry Machines

Save big with used coin-operated laundry machines from your trusted local commercial laundry distributor.

buy new or used coin laundry machines

If you are asking yourself if you should buy new or used coin laundry machines, the answer is simple.  Refurbished washers and dryers are an easy way to get the top quality you desire at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.   With a dependable and trustworthy commercial laundry distributor, you can have peace of mind that you are making a sound investment with certified used equipment. 

Buy New or Used Coin Laundry Machines

Brand new equipment is often sought after for their shiny new exterior and modern features, but truth be told, you can get the same perks from used coin-operated laundry machines that have been fixed up to run like new.  Just like a new car, new laundry equipment’s value quickly depreciates after purchase.  Get all the benefits of used like new equipment and save significantly. 

Like New Equipment at Fraction of the Cost

Operating a self-service laundry facility can be very profitable with the right equipment and expertise, however, getting started can be expensive.  When you purchase used coin-operated laundry machines you can get durable, high-efficiency equipment that will suit your laundry amenity and your wallet. 

Quality Machines Built to Last

The success of your laundry business depends on the durability of your machines.  Refurbished equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, have been built with longevity in mind.  Their strong build and advanced engineering help them stand up to the test of time and are proven to last longer than inferior equipment.  Their all metal components, stainless-steel washtubs, and sophisticated suspension systems help stand up to the tough demand of constant and daily use.

Affordable Way to an Efficient Laundry Amenity

When deciding on the best coin laundry machines to buy your costs can quickly add up.  A whole new fleet of machines cost a pretty penny but when you invest in used coin-operated laundry machines you can get more machines to fully equip your facility.  The more machines you can provide to your residents, the more efficient your facility can be.  Your tenants will not have to wait in line for available machines or waste time doing load after load.  They are looking for a bit of convenience in their laundry routine, give them the facility they can depend on.

Purchase Used Equipment with Confidence

You may be a bit weary to purchase used commercial laundry equipment because of inevitable wear and tear, but when you work with a trustworthy provider you have nothing to worry about.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the best coin laundry machines to buy that is guaranteed to operate like new.  All of our used machines have been thoroughly inspected and gone through rigorous testing by our experienced and skilled technicians.  Each washer and dryer have been refurbished to reach our high standards of excellence.

Preventative Service and Maintenance

To protect your investment even more you may also choose to enroll in one of our customizable service and maintenance programs.  Through your individual plan, we will create a routine schedule for servicing and upkeep with our expert technicians.  All of your equipment will be monitored and serviced to prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements and keep your facility efficient.

If you are still deciphering whether to buy new or used coin laundry equipment, contact the professionals at Commercial Laundries Orlando for guidance and assistance.  Give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 or click here for a free estimate.

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