Should I Buy Coin or Card Operated Washers and Dryers for My Property?

buy coin or card operated washers and dryers

Buy Coin or Card Operated Washers and Dryers

Budget, accessibility, and residents’ laundry experience are all things to consider when deciding to buy coin or card operated washers and dryers.  It is also important to contemplate your needs as a property owner before making your final decision.

When choosing to purchase any new equipment for your property, affordability and efficiency are two of the main deciding factors.  If you are asking yourself, ‘are coin operated washing machines outdated’ or ‘are card operated machines too advanced’, we are here to break it down for you in choosing the best type of commercial washers and dryers for you and your residents.  By looking at the differences between them, you will have a clearer idea and informed decision of whether to buy coin of card operated washers and dryers.


Coin:  Funds must be delegated carefully when you are running a multi-housing community.  When it comes to coin operated washers and dryers, they typically are more affordable and usually cost less to repair.

Card:  Card-op equipment may have a slightly higher price tag because of its technological advancements; however, with the elimination of coins, these features will help you save in overhead costs, security, and payroll.  You will also never run into a jammed coin slot or overflowing coin vault box.


Coin:  Most of your residents will certainly have access to coins, making them the most accessible, especially to tenants that do not readily have a credit or debit card.  With no loyalty cards required, coin operated machines are the best option for temporary housing, seasonal visitors, or tourists.  They also do not require any type of wireless access, making them non-reliant on a strong internet connection.

Card:  In today’s world, many transactions are made with credit, debit, or cashless payments.  Keeping up with the times and ensuring your business stays relevant is important, especially with younger generations and attracting new residents.

Experience for Residents

Coin:  Certainly the more traditional route, coin operated equipment is still among the most trusted.  Your residents are accustomed to this type of laundry payment system and they may feel more comfortable not having to enter their credit or debit card information.

Card:  Card-op machines can give your residents a new type of laundry experience with their technology and connect ability.  As many people today prefer to pay with card over cash, this is certainly an easier approach to doing laundry.  Not only that, but through the use of their smartphones, they can connect with their laundry, track their remaining time, and even find available machines without entering the laundry room.  A card system also offers many conveniences for property owners with remote access and full transparency into their laundry business.  Monitor your machines and get real-time reports on customer usage, customer preferences, and your profits.  You can also easily offer discounts to promote customer loyalty and adjust your prices, all from your office or home with the click of a button.

Convert Equipment to a Hybrid System

Coin:  You may still be wondering and asking around, “are coin operated washing machines outdated”?  If you are unsure of what direction to go in, you can always incorporate a hybrid system on your coin-op washers and dryers, giving your residents multiple payment options and catering to a wider demographic.

Card:  Whether you buy coin or card operated washers and dryers, both types of machines can be outfitted with a hybrid system to satisfy all your residents’ needs.

Choosing the Best Type of Commercial Washers and Dryers for Your Property

Are coin operated washing machines outdated, or is card operated equipment too advanced for your residents?  The answer to both questions is no.  With quality equipment and a bit of adaption, your residents will be more than pleased with dependable equipment in their onsite laundry amenity.  If you would like to buy coin or card operated washers and dryers, Commercial Laundries Orlando has got competitive and affordable prices to meet any budget and reliable machines from superior manufactures.  We also have a tax-deductible and budget-friendly commercial laundry lease program.  We can also help you convert your current machines quickly and inexpensively.

Give Commercial Laundries Orlando a call at, (407) 986-1410 and let us help you find the best type of commercial washers and dryers for your budget, residents, and property.

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