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January 28, 2016 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Rent Laundry Machines   Rent laundry machines to generate profit and satisfy tenants


Have you considered implementing commercial laundry equipment in your multi-housing property, industrial property, or other type of business structure? Perhaps you felt purchasing enough equipment to fulfill your needs was financially out of your reach. If so, it may be time to rent laundry machines from the leaders in the commercial laundry industry! Commercial Laundries has helped thousands of clients from across South Florida design and outfit onsite laundry facilities through our customizable and affordable laundry machine lease programs.

Rent/lease options offer a variety of benefits and are the smart choice for property owners who want to upgrade an existing laundry area or construct a new laundry facility. As an authorized dealer of coin and Smart card Energy Star-rated commercial washers and dryers, you can find the ideal make and model to fit your budget, size restraints and needs. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with top brand names including Whirlpool, Speed Queen and more. Renting laundry machines manufactured from these brands ensures you are getting heavy-duty, reliable and long-lasting machinery.

Property owners rent laundry machines for a multitude of reasons. For multi-housing property owners, adding commercial laundry machines can satisfy current tenants, entice potential renters, generate additional revenue and keep your property at the top of a renter’s list when they are scouting out places to live. In fact, a survey from The National Multi-housing Council states that renters consider an onsite laundry facility a top three amenity when choosing a place to reside.

Other structures that house commercial laundry areas are places like colleges and dormitories. These academic structures need heavy-duty, durable washers and dryers that can stand up to the wear and tear often brought about from students. Plus, our Smart card laundry solutions make it easy for students to refill their card and complete a load of laundry with one quick swipe. It also diminishes the need for students to carry around coins and cash, potentially lending to a safer environment.

When it comes to structures such as hospitals and senior facilities, having an onsite laundry area can dramatically cut down the cost of having to launder linens off site. In fact, on-premises laundry programs can save you 50% or more on linen costs! Plus, incidences of lost or misplaced linens will also decrease.

So, whether you are upgrading existing equipment or building a new laundry operation, why not consider renting laundry machines from the industry leader. We can customize each lease to your needs and ensure that all machines will be services and maintained by our highly trained team at no extra cost to any of our leasing customers.

Speak to a Commercial Laundries representative today who can share more about designing a lease program for your property. He or she can come directly to your location to learn more about your needs, available space, tenant requirements, profit expectations and more. You will then learn more about our new and used laundry machine options as well as our model types, including top loading, front loading and stackable equipment.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) if the idea of renting laundry machines interests you. There is no better time than right now to upgrade your property, entice potential renters and generate additional revenue through a top rated amenity. We look forward to helping you take your property to the next level!

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