Reliable Commercial Washer Repair and Parts with Commercial Laundries

August 11, 2016 | Categories: Laundry Equipment Services

Keep your business running with commercial washer repair services from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Washer RepairKeeping your laundry equipment in tip top shape is important to running a successful laundry facility, but there will be times that machines break down and need to be repaired. If you find yourself in need of washer repairs, you can receive reliable commercial washer repair and parts with Commercial Laundries. We are a commercial laundry industry leader in Florida who understands the importance of a laundry facility for your workers, tenants or business, and we can supply all of your laundry equipment needs.

If you are operating a multi-rental apartment building with an on-site laundry facility, then your tenants rely on well-maintained machines to do their laundry. If you own or manage a business such as a hotel or nursing facility, then your workers depend on readily available clean linens, towels, etc. that a laundry facility provides. Frustration can mount when machines are not working properly or performing in an unacceptable manner. Commercial washer repair services are vital to your daily business operation, and Commercial Laundries offers you a full laundry facility package that includes installation, maintenance and repair services.

You will be in very capable hands when you partner with us because we employ and train our own staff of mechanics and technicians. Our team is required to attend continuing education courses to keep abreast of new technology and changes that takes place within the laundry industry. We assign each technician their own personal route so that they become familiar with their clients and their needs. We find that this system works best to build rapport and familiarity. When you are in need of commercial washer repair services you can contact one of our service representatives and they will set up a timely appointment to get the job done. Our technicians are very capable at handling any problem that you may have with your machines. Your technician will provide you with maintenance, repair services and follow-up. We have a 15,000 foot warehouse that is fully stocked with commercial laundry inventory and parts. Whatever commercial laundry parts your machines may need, we are able to easily supply that need.

If you are interested in adding extra machines to your facility, we can offer you new or used laundry equipment. If you are not in a position to monetarily invest at this time, we also offer excellent lease options that would provide you with extra machines without an initial outlay of money.  All leased machines are maintained free of charge by us, for the lifetime of the lease. Our leasing programs offer a great solution to businesses that are operating on a tight budget. We carry some of the finest laundry equipment available today, with such noted brands as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. Our commercial laundry equipment is durable and built to handle the daily rigors of repeated use. We can supply you with top or front loading machines or stackables for facilities with a limited amount of space. There may come a time when you will need commercial laundry repair services that requires a new part. Your technician will happily handle any problem that you are facing with your machines. We carry all the required liability insurance necessary for you to feel protected and comfortable in your relationship with us. In addition, we will repair and keep your machines running at their optimum performance level so that you can concentrate on other business matters.

If you are in need of commercial washer repair services, contact our bi-lingual customer service representatives via phone, fax or email. For more information call Commercial Laundries, Inc. at 305-699-3970.

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