Reasons to Rent Laundry Equipment in Orlando

August 11, 2022 | Categories: Orlando , Uncategorized

Reasons to Rent Laundry Equipment in Orlando (1)

If you are part of a management team for an apartment complex or condominium laundry facilities in Orlando, FL, you might find that leasing commercial laundry equipment is the best option for your business. Today, many laundry facility managers are choosing to rent instead of purchasing coin-operated laundry equipment or card-operated laundry machines. If you are uncertain about commercial washers and dryers, here are some things you should know about laundry leasing commercial laundry machines.

  Affordable Monthly Costs – and No Expensive Surprises!

Many laundry businesses have discovered that leasing commercial washers and dryers is a cost-effective way to operate. When you arrange to lease laundry machines, you can set up maintenance and repair plans that are included in your leasing agreement. With Commercial Laundries, you are guaranteed a knowledgeable team of technicians at your discretion. You’ll be able to know what you’re obligated to pay for each month and won’t have to worry about extra expenses if the laundry machines need costly repairs.

This means, that if your commercial front-control-front-load washing machine breaks down, you don’t have to pay out of pocket for its repair. If your commercial rear control single dryer isn’t blowing hot air, you only need to contact our team to schedule maintenance and repair service. Our team will install a replacement even if a washer or single-load dryer is unrepairable. All you have to do is continue to make your monthly laundry payment.

  Best-in-Class Commercial Laundry Machines

Outfit your multi-housing laundry facilities with the latest laundry industry machines or commercial stack washer-dryer sets when you lease with Commerical Laundries. Speed Queen commercial washer and dryer sets and other brand name commercial on-premise laundry machines aren’t cheap. However, when you lease your next front-control-front-load washer or other laundry equipment in Orlando, you can rent the best commercial washers and dryers on the market today.

You can also upgrade from coin slide washers and stack dryers to the latest card-operated systems with Commercial Laundries Orlando. While some mobile home parks continue to feature coin laundry equipment, many laundry facilities are switching to smart front load washer and dryer sets that receive payment with a smart laundry app.

  Proper Laundry Machine and Ancillary Equipment Installation

When you lease your coin-operated laundry equipment or card-operated top load washer and commercial dryer, you can expect professional installation as part of your lease agreement. Your rental agreement will include an equipment overview that details the features of each laundry design so that you can begin to use the equipment as soon as its installation is complete. When your laundry equipment is properly installed, you can expect it to function smoothly, ensuring happy customers and tenants.

If you are part of the management team of a multi-housing housing apartment, condo complex, or mobile home park, now might be the ideal time to rent laundry machines instead of purchasing them. Consider the many advantages of laundry leasing today with Commerical Laundries. It might be the ideal way to enhance your profits while serving your Orlando clientele with top-notch commercial laundry equipment. Give us a call today for a FREE QUOTE at 855-254-9274.

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