Where to Buy Speed Queen Card Operated Laundry Equipment in Orlando

May 11, 2018 | Categories: Orlando , Uncategorized

speed queen card operated laundry equipmentLearn about Speed Queen card operated equipment from the leaders in laundry, Commercial Laundries Orlando.

Finding quality commercial laundry equipment for your facility has never been easier. You can enjoy the many benefits of technically advanced machines that will meet your business requirements and patron expectations. Commercial Laundries is a family owned business since 1967 and is a leader in the commercial laundry sector in Florida. If you are looking for Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment we have just what you need in front and top loading models. And we also offer competitive pricing on all of our new and used card op laundry equipment. You and your patrons will love the reliability and great performance of our machines.

Our Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment is built with state of the art technology and sustainable mechanics. You are assured of receiving heavy duty, durable and reliable card operated laundry equipment that can hold up against the most rigorous daily use. All of our commercial laundries machines are Energy Star certified and designed to operate on less water, gas and electric usage, plus our card op laundry machines also decrease waste water by up to 30 percent; all of which will give you substantial reductions in energy costs and help to conserve the natural environment. Your tenants will appreciate our Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment with its easy to read digital dashboards that offer multiple cycle options, multi-compartment dispensers, and water temperature selections.

Our card operated laundry equipment takes the burden out of collecting coins for laundry tasks. Your tenants simply have to slide their card through the scanner and the machine will be engaged for use. To re-credit a card, your tenant can use cash or a credit/debit card at the CleanPay kiosk located in your facility. All card transactions will be electronically stored so that you have all the data you need to complete bookkeeping tasks.

You will also be able to make price changes in smaller increments based on times of day, different machines and schedules. You can save your facility from getting bottle-necked on busy laundry days by offering a lower price on off days and times of day. Your patrons will appreciate the availability of machines and the great laundry outcome they produce.

You will love our Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment built by famous brands like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. These machines are not available in most big box stores but sold exclusively to commercial laundry vendors. If you have a limited amount of space in your laundry facility, or have small areas you want to use, we also carry stackable card op laundry equipment.

For those of you who are currently working with a tight budget, you may be interested in our tax deductible leasing program that offers regular maintenance visits and repair services, free of charge for the lifetime of the lease contract. One of our expert technicians will make regular visits to your facility to make sure that your machines are operating properly and not using excess energy. If one of your machines needs repair services one of our technicians will perform that service in a timely manner. We make sure to have the necessary card op laundry machines and parts available when you need them by retaining a 15,000 square foot warehouse.

You can upgrade your laundry facility with our technically advanced Speed Queen card operated laundry equipment. To learn more about our great laundry products and services contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. at 407-986-1410.

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