Orlando Commercial Laundry Machines: Where to Find the Best Equipment

April 29, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Orlando

When searching where to buy commercial laundry machines in Orlando make sure you choose a dependable provider that can meet all your laundry needs.

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando we have premium reliable equipment paired with exceptional customer service. When you buy or lease from us, you have access to all our full-service maintenance programs and experienced technicians.  Here are some of the things you can expect when you choose us for your Orlando commercial laundry machines.

Orlando Commercial Laundry Machines

Top of the Line Commercial Washers and Dryers

Just like when you are purchasing a car or a new pair of sneakers, you tend to lean towards the brands you know.  The ones you have come to depend on and trust.  Not just for their unique style and innovative designs, but for the reputation that company has built and the flawless products you have come to love.  The same can be said for your commercial laundry equipment.  Commercial Laundries Orlando distributes washers and dryers from world renowned, reputable manufacturers.  Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool, are some of the leading names in Orlando commercial laundry machines.  With over 3oo years of experience between the three, these are companies that have each spent nearly a century engineering and developing the equipment you can trust.

All our machines are energy efficient and available in coin and card operated options.  From front loaders to top loaders and stackable models, our HE equipment will save you on utility costs and your carbon emission.  Contact our team to discuss our ADA compliant equipment, designed to better service your handicapped population.

Quick and Easy Delivery and Setup

In Orlando, commercial laundry machines are easy to come by, but the services that we offer and standby are extraordinary.  With all our purchases and leases, you can rely on our quick and simple delivery.  When you contact us, we know how important it is for you to have your onsite laundry facility up and running.  As soon as you decide what machines and program is right for you, we will get started on delivery and installation.  Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will have your machines operating in no time.  Each machine will go through a series of tests to ensure they are running optimally and efficiently.  Additionally, we also offer removal and or purchasing of your unwanted machines, offsetting the cost of your new machines.

Buying and Leasing Options

Whether you are in the Orlando commercial laundry machine market for new or gently used commercial laundry machines, we have got you covered.  All our refurbished equipment has been closely examined and gone through rigorous testing to assure its up to par with our top standards.  Our skillful technicians have guaranteed them for optimal performance and your high expectations.

If your budget has you constricted, you may want to consider our tax-deductible leasing programs.   Each program is customizable and unique to your individual needs.  Along with all our leasing programs we include complimentary service and maintenance to keep your commercial laundry equipment running at its peak.  Whatever your situation, know that we have the solution for you.

Fulfill All Your Commercial Laundry Needs with One Reliable Company

Orlando commercial laundry machine providers may all promise exceptional equipment but not all have the service and care to match.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has everything you need, and more.  Our top-quality laundry equipment comes paired with our very best customer service and attentive team of technicians.  For Orlando commercial laundry machine repair, we can have a tech sent out to you immediately to assess and diagnose the issue. To avoid repairs and issues in the future, we have comprehensive service and maintenance packages to help keep your facility operating optimally.

When you choose equipment from Commercial Laundries Orlando, you are not only getting washers and dryers, but our utmost attention and support.  Every success for you is a success for us.  Contact us today at, (407) 986-1410, for the best place to lease or buy commercial laundry machines in Orlando.

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