Adding Equipment for Multi-housing Laundry in Florida: What to Know

November 23, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

multi-housing laundry in floridaLearn about affordable top name commercial laundry washers and dryers that you can find at Commercial Laundries.

Are you interested in adding new equipment to your multi-housing laundry in Florida? Here at Commercial Laundries we have a large selection of quality commercial washers and dryers for your facility. We are a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida serving thousands of commercial laundry facilities with excellent products and services. We are experts in the laundry business and we can help you operate your facility with maximum savings in energy consumption and reap the benefits of increased profits. At Commercial Laundries, our sales reps can explain the difference in machines so that you can make educated choices when selecting machines for your facility. Here are a few tips of things you should know about operating your multi-housing laundry in Florida:

  1. Did you know that specific cycle selections on commercial laundry washers could cost you more money? Most new commercial laundry washers have programmable controls for each cycle selection. If one of your tenants selects a “pre-wash” cycle the machine can use up to 25% more water than just a regular wash cycle. A pre-wash is normally used when laundry is heavily soiled. If you decide to include machines with this option in your facility, you may want to increase the cost per laundry load to cover the expense of extra water usage.
  2. Another new machine option is a “bleach bath” which requires about 15% more hot water. This increases water usage and energy usage for hot water. Machine cycles determine how much energy is used, so you may want to increase your price on these machines too.
  3. New technology in the commercial laundries sector is creating machines that supersede the typical cycle options, which were low, medium and high. You should be aware of this new technology that allows your tenants to select many extra options that will increase water usage. These types of commercial laundry washers can consume tens of thousands of gallons of extra water per year. Many of these machines can use up to 60% more hot water, which makes a dramatic impact on extra energy usage and costs. As the owner, or manager, of a multi-housing laundry in Florida you should be aware of the effects new technology can have on your bottom line.
  4. All of our commercial laundry equipment is Energy Star certified to bring you great efficiency and cost-effective benefits. This certification is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy for commercial laundry washers that meet a stringent energy consumption formula. Energy Star certification is reserved for washers that meet a 3.5 cubic foot maximum cylinder size, and a 25-pound capacity.
  5. New technology has also made advancements in high performance agitators and extractors that will save in extra energy usage, and provide a cleaner laundry outcome.
  6. New products also include light commercial laundry equipment in smaller versions for tenants who have a small load to wash (such as delicates, etc.). Our space saving stackable laundry equipment is perfect for washing smaller loads of laundry. These machines provide an extra laundry option in your multi-housing laundry in Florida.
  7. Commercial Laundries carries coin operated commercial laundry washers and dryers with durable, large-capacity coin vaults designed to reject slugs or foreign money. We also offer Smart Card operated commercial washers and dryers with the CleanPay Kiosk system. Both of these options are a smart choice for your multi-housing laundry in Florida.

When you partner with us you receive a trusted partner who will assist you in operating a successful and cost-effective commercial laundry facility. We’ve been in the business for over 50 years and provide many great laundry products and services that include: delivery, installation, and removal of old machines, maintenance, repair service, and Utility Assessment Reports. To learn more about our great company and products contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.

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