Multi Housing Laundry Equipment

July 8, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment

Multi Housing Laundry EquipmentThe first step in operating a self-service laundry room is choosing the best equipment for your facility. When stocked with the right multi-housing laundry equipment, self-service laundry rooms can offer a plethora of benefits for owners: increased resident satisfaction, which reduces tenant turnover; enhanced rental appeal, which leads to higher occupancy rates; and an additional revenue stream without the need to hire personnel or increase your facility’s dimensions. Whether you are opening a new laundry room at your multi-housing facility or updating an existing one, you need commercial washers and dryers that are reliable, powerful, and offer a full range of options. At Commercial Laundries, we offer a wide selection of innovative laundry room equipment, in different makes and models to meet all your self-service laundry room needs.

The experienced representatives at Commercial Laundries can help you select the multi-housing laundry equipment that best fits your needs. We carry a full range of energy-efficient, reliable top load and front load coin and card operated washers and dryers from the most trusted names in the business: Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. Some coin-operated washers and dryers allow you to adjust the price per load so you can set the price you choose for day, time of day, water temperature, and cycle options. Our traditional coin operated laundry room equipment is the equipment of choice for many laundry room owners.

If collecting revenue from coin boxes is a chore you would rather avoid, you can choose to use Commercial Laundries’ card-operated washers and dryers in your multi-housing facility. With Commercial Laundries’ smart card laundry solutions, your residents can pay by debit/credit card or by cash at a central payment terminal/VTM (Value Transfer Machine). Residents appreciate the convenience: they just swipe their card to clean their laundry – no more hassles transporting coins or dealing with coin mechanisms that can break. Switching to a cashless system makes your laundry room more secure, as there are no boxes to break into or steal, and increases your revenue, since you can easily implement small incremental price increases.

Commercial Laundries offers several purchasing and leasing options to help you equip your laundry room facility. You can purchase our new or used commercial laundry equipment or you can choose to enter into one of our laundry leases. Commercial Laundries offers a standard Laundry Equipment Lease, whereby you lease washers and dryers from us, and we will perform any repairs as needed at no cost to you. You are responsible to collect the revenue from the laundry machines, and pay us a monthly lease fee per our agreement. This type of lease requires more hands on management by the property owner or manager.

You can enter Commercial Laundries’ popular Laundry Space Lease, the ideal choice for busy multi-housing property owners who want to offer their residents the convenience of a laundry room without adding another chore to their already heavy load of responsibilities. We install and repair our commercial laundry machines at no cost to you, and we are responsible for collecting the revenue generated. We then send you a rental payment  pursuant to the terms of our agreement.  Owners and managers enjoy the benefits of this hassle free lease.When you choose Commercial Laundries to supply your multi-housing laundry equipment needs, you are  partnering with a responsible, reputable company that has been in business for over 45 years, and is dedicated to helping you succeed. You can count on us for competitive pricing, flexible leasing plans and programs, timely delivery, and fast response to issues, quickly enacting any needed repairs to ensure your laundry room success.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and let our experts help you select the best multi-housing laundry equipment to ensure your laundry room success!

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