Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment: What You Need to Know Before Purchasing

October 20, 2020 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines , Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Understanding all your options when you buy multi-housing laundry machines can help you get the most out of your equipment and your laundry provider. 

There are lots of great machines out there to suit your amenity and dependable services to go along with them.  Knowing the differences between coin and card-operated machines will guide you in choosing the best solution for your demographic.  If you can’t choose between the two, there may be several combination options you can incorporate in your laundry facility.  Working with a dependable laundry provider will help you make the right call for your business and keep it running efficiently with some added services and maintenance.

Choose the Right Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment for Your Facility and Residents

When deciding to buy multi-housing laundry machines, you must consider the proper machines for your demographic to increase their usage and satisfaction. 

Coin-Operated Equipment:  

Coin-op washers and dryers are everywhere to be seen in most communities because of their user-friendliness and accessibility.  Their payment option is appealing to older generations and there is no need to use credit or debit cards or purchase a laundry loyalty card.

Card-Operated Equipment

Card-op equipment has a convenient and hassle-free system that is run by smart cards.  With a swipe of their laundry smart card, residents will experience the ease of coinless laundry.

Laundry Mobile App

Contactless laundry is the wave of the future.  By simply downloading the laundry application on their smartphone, tenants can control their accounts and funds and monitor laundry machines without pushing a button.


If you already have a reliable laundry system in place but you would like to incorporate a smart card or mobile app method, some equipment can be outfitted with a VTM, a CleanPay Credit Kiosk, or a mobile app payment option.

Search for Quality Equipment that Will Withstand Everyday Use

Don’t waste your money on less than the best.  Robust equipment that is durable enough to stand up to some wear and tear is worth the investment. 

  • Choose washers and dryers that are constructed with stainless steel or porcelain enameled washtubs and all-metal components. 
  • Machines with a free-standing soft mount and strong suspension are designed for any floor type and produce less vibration. 
  • Energy-efficient equipment is engineered to cut water, gas, and energy to save property managers money.
  • Innovative washers and dryers with sophisticated settings give your patrons more control over their laundry.  Take for instance Speed Queen’s washers and dryers with Quantum controls and their technological advancements.

Save in the Long Run with Energy Efficient Equipment

As mentioned above, when you buy multi-housing laundry machines that are energy-efficient, you will save significantly on utilities.  They can reduce your water usage by up to 50% and cut your energy usage by 30%, saving you a bundle each year.  Savings in your pocket also means savings for the environment.

Service and Maintenance Program to Protect Your Investment

There are so many perks when you purchase multi-housing laundry equipment in Orlando from a full-service commercial laundry provider.  Not only are you probably getting the most affordable and best-priced equipment, but you will also have access to a range of laundry services.  Having a dependable company on speed dial to handle those unexpected repairs will be worth it when the time comes.  Some commercial laundry companies also have service and maintenance packages you can enroll in to help with routine check-ups and machine management.

Lease or Purchase Multi-housing Laundry Equipment in Orlando

You get the most dependable laundry equipment and services when you work with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  As leading commercial laundry suppliers of central and southern Florida, we have the machines and expertise to make your business a successful one.  We have premium new and gently used equipment for sale that will exceed all your expectations.  For a more economical solution to meet your budget, lease your commercial laundry equipment with little to no upfront cost and get free service and maintenance to protect your machines.

For assistance and guidance on choosing the right multi-housing laundry equipment for you and your facility, contact one of our knowledgeable Commercial Laundries Orlando’s sales representatives at, (407) 986-1410.

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