Miami Coin Laundry Machines for Sale and Lease

May 21, 2018 | Categories: Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

miami coin laundry machines for saleFind Miami coin laundry machines for sale with the help of industry leaders Commercial Laundries.

You may be ready for a laundry facility upgrade with the purchase of new machines to replace old ones that are worn and sluggish. Commercial Laundries can make that goal an easy one to achieve with our Miami coin laundry machines for sale at competitive prices. You can streamline your commercial laundry facility with new, matching equipment whether you purchase machines outright or opt for our lease program. We have the equipment you need and budget friendly options that won’t put you in a financial bind. We are a leading commercial laundry vendor in Florida since 1967, serving hundreds of laundry facilities across the state, offering quality products and services to assist you in your laundry business success.

Our commercial laundry equipment for sale is built to meet every need, expectation and requirement you may have. We offer a wide variety of brands from world famous manufacturers like Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool. Our new and used coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available in front and top loading models that meet laundry load requirements. Front loaders are a great option for large, bulky laundry items and top loaders with high speed agitators and extractors are a great option for heavily soiled laundry.

We suggest you have a few of each model type to meet your patron’s preferences. Our Miami coin laundry machines for sale are environmentally friendly, using up to 30 percent less water. Gas and electric utility prices will be significantly lower because our commercial laundry equipment for sale is Energy Star certified, which ensures that less energy is required for the machines to operate.

One of our reps can assist you in making machine selections by explaining the difference in makes and models. We can work within your budget and address profit and patron expectations whether you buy or lease. One of our technicians can even visit your laundry facility to help determine the best set-up for your machines. Our new and used coin-operated washing machines are available in space saving stackable equipment that can help address any size restraints in your facility. Our stackables are serviceable from the front and are ADA compliant so that they can easily be accessed by the handicapped community. Commercial Laundries provides the very best commercial laundry equipment for sale that has been vigorously inspected to meet manufacturer requirements, and is backed by a solid warranty.

If you have a tight budget you can still afford to equip your facility with our customized leasing program. You will have one monthly fee that your machines can literally pay for and still leave room for profit. Our leasing program is a very popular source of business among our clients because they have so much to offer. When you opt for a tax deductible lease you receive regular complimentary maintenance visits by one of our technicians who will keep your machines running smoothly and cost-effectively. You also receive complimentary repair services on all leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease. You will never have to worry about unexpected repair bills and finding reliable technicians to service your machines.

We employ our own team of mechanics and technicians who are educated in all laundry equipment requirements. Plus we retain a 15,000 square foot warehouse fully stocked with commercial laundry equipment for sale, plus parts for repair services. We have everything you need to keep your laundry business fully operating and successful.

For more information on our Miami coin laundry machines for sale, or our excellent service programs, contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at: 305-699-3970.

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