Miami Card Operated Laundry Equipment for Sale

December 17, 2021 | Categories: Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Where to Purchase Used Commercial Washing Machines in South Florida

Get the best most affordable card-operated laundry equipment for sale in Miami, from your neighbors at Commercial Laundries.

There are many benefits to card-operated laundry equipment for both property owners and customers, especially when you have the support and guidance of your commercial laundry distributor.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have all you need for your onsite laundry business and so much more.  From our affordable, top-quality machines from world-renowned manufactures to efficient and dependable services from our experienced technicians.  Choose the best machines for your amenity and choose Commercial Laundries to make it all happen.

Perks of Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card-operated machines are a great addition to any laundry facility and their many benefits will please both you and your residents.  With remote access and cashless payment options, doing laundry and running a laundry business will be a cinch.

For Residents:

  • Customers will appreciate the simplicity and cleanliness of a cashless payment option.
  • Residents will no longer have to scramble for coins on laundry day.
  • Residents can gain points and rewards for laundry purchases to use for discounts in the future leading to customer loyalty.
  • By downloading the Laundryvalue app, customers can view their account balance, upload funds, track the remaining time on their laundry load, and find available machines for a convenient laundry experience.

For Property Owners:

  • Upgrading to card-op machines will increase property value and resident satisfaction.
  • An up-to-date laundry facility will attract new residents to the property and retain current tenants by catering to their needs and desires.
  • Card-op machines allow property owners to offer discounts and rewards, increasing customer loyalty.
  •  Owners can easily increase prices in small increments to keep up with costs and utility prices and inflation.
  • With card-op machines, owners will automatically increase security and will no longer need to collect coins or worry about tampering or theft.

Top-Rated Card Operated Brands

Here at Commercial Laundries, all of our card-operated laundry equipment for Sale in Miami are from brands we trust.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool are well-known for their top-performance and innovative machines and are sure to add great value to any property.  Each of these manufacturers has over a century’s worth of experience and consistently delivers the most dependable machines on the market.  With their robust construction and advanced engineering, you can be confident you are making a wise investment.  

Protection Plans for Your Card Operated Laundry Equipment

With all of our card-operated equipment for sale, we offer access to our comprehensive service and maintenance plan.  Through this protection, you can rest assured your machines are in good hands.  Through routine inspections and upkeep, you will protect your washers and dryers and extend the lifetime of your machines.  And if an issue should ever arise, know that we are only a quick phone call away.  With our same-day or next-day response time, your facility will always be well taken care of.

Commercial Laundries Card Operated Laundry Equipment for Sale in Miami

When you team up with your neighbors at Commercial Laundries you will be getting dependable top-of-the-line equipment at an affordable and competitive price.  Get new or used card-operated equipment for sale and save a bundle on all we have to offer.  With our free delivery and installation, you can be assured your machines will be connected quickly and efficiently to get your business up and running in no time.

Get the best card-operated equipment for sale and all the support you could ever need from us at Commercial Laundries.  Give us a call today at, (855) 254-9274 to get started, or click here for a free estimate.


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