Melbourne Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale or Lease

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Melbourne Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale or Lease

If you are looking for Melbourne commercial laundry machines for sale or lease, find someone local that can take care of all your laundry needs.  Someone who is just a phone call away.

Purchasing or leasing equipment for your property can be simple and quick when you have the right distributor by your side to assist you.  Whether you are a novice to the commercial laundry game or a veteran, there is always something you can learn from the professionals.  Get all the support you need, from choosing the right washers and dryers for your property to the fine details, like payment method, machine type, and protection plans.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the expertise and experience to help you make the right decisions for your property type and the affordable prices when you rent or buy commercial laundry equipment in Melbourne.

Work with a Dependable Commercial Laundry Supplier that Can Support You and Your Business

Commercial Laundries Orlando has been servicing the Orlando area and beyond for the better part of the century.  Our experience and expertise in the commercial laundry field have helped our clients have a successful, hassle-free laundry business. Beyond your decision to lease or buy commercial laundry equipment in Melbourne, you want to know that you have the support you need regarding your machines, servicing and repairs.  Known for our quick response time and dependability, just give us a call when something arises, and we will be there.  From our quality equipment to our reliable services, we will support you along the way.

Select a Laundry Payment System that Works for Your Property and Your Management Style

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have multiple machine payment options when you lease or buy commercial laundry equipment in Melbourne.  Our coin and card-operated washers and dryers are from world-renowned manufactures, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, sure to deliver on performance and innovation.  Coin-op machines are straightforward and familiar to most of your patrons.  Even our card operated equipment is easy to use and quickly accepted for its convenient features.  As a property manager, you will appreciate your ability to remotely manage your laundry facility and get real-time reports on profits, customer usage, and machine issues.  For even more remote access, we have a mobile laundry app to satisfy this cashless world we are entering.  Speak to one of our representatives to decide on the best system for your property.

Choose the Machine Type and Model that Fits in Your Space and Would Best Serve Your Patrons

Depending on the configuration of your facility, and the preference of your customers, find the best commercial washer and dryer type to please all around.  All our Melbourne commercial laundry machines for sale or lease are available in all machine types.  From the traditional top-loading machines to the eco-friendlier front-loaders, choose the right equipment to satisfy your patrons’ needs.  With front-loading machines, you also can stack your equipment to save on space and double up on machines.  Additionally, they are ADA compliant to best service your handicapped community.

Enroll in a Damage Prevention Plan to Protect Your Equipment and Offer You an Extra Set of Hands

When it comes to the longevity of your machines, upkeep is essential.  There are daily tasks that can be done to maintain your equipment, but for routine service requirements and those hard-to-reach places, sign up for a service and maintenance plan.  One of our trusted technicians will routinely visit your site and take care of services to keep you stress-free.  As an added benefit when you lease commercial laundry machines in Melbourne from us, all your service and maintenance is free, for extra savings.

Buy or Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Melbourne from Your Neighbors at Commercial Laundries Orlando

Commercial Laundries Orlando has affordable, top-quality equipment and the expertise to support you and your business.  Buy or lease commercial laundry machines in Melbourne from us and benefit from our experience and impeccable customer service.

Get affordable Melbourne commercial laundry machines for sale or lease from Commercial Laundries and let us take care of the rest.  Contact us at (407) 986-1410 to get started today.

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