Benefits of Leasing Card-Operated Machines in Orlando

Benefits of Leasing Card-Operated Machines in OrlandoTo buy or lease card-operated machines, that is the question.  Let’s dive in and find out why leasing card-operated machines come with exceptional advantages.

As the owner of a multi-housing property, you may constantly be asking yourself how you can keep up with today’s market and increase your tenant satisfaction.  And that answer is simple.  Provide them with onsite laundry.  You may already have a laundry room in your complex, but you may want to consider upgrading your washer and dryer machines to more innovative, energy-efficient models.  Whatever your situation, it always comes down to your budget.  Purchasing new or gently used equipment may be out of the question.  Leasing your laundry equipment with Commercial Laundries Orlando maybe your best solution.

Advantages of Leasing Card-Operated Machines with Commercial Laundries Orlando:

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Access to premium machines

Commercial Laundries Orlando is an authorized dealer of world-class top brands such as Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool.  All of our equipment is Energy Star certified which ensures that you are receiving the latest energy-efficient models.  The coin-operated machines we provide truly live up to their reputation of being well crafted, reliable and durable.

Some of the many benefits of our card-operated washers and dryers are;

  • The convenience of paying with a card
  • Automatically debited costs for your tenants
  • Data Storage on tenant usage
  • Tenants can easily add credit to a card with cash or a debit/credit card via CleanPay Kiosk in your facility
  • No more need for coin collection
  • Ability to easily adjust prices

Customizable Lease Program

At Commercial Laundries we understand that every one of our customer’s needs is unique. Each has its own vision, goal, space, and budget.  To meet each of your needs we have come up with a customizable lease program that allows you to choose from an array of different washer and dryer machines in different styles and sizes.  Our dedicated Orlando team is ready to make your vision come to life.

Free Services

After you have made the decision to enroll in our tax-deductible leasing program, rest assured that our relationship doesn’t end there.  With each of our leasing contracts, we offer free installation, maintenance, and service for the lifetime of the lease.  Keeping up with repairs can be costly and daunting and that is why we want to protect each of our investments and save you the headache.  All of our certified technicians do continual service checks to ensure that your laundry facilities are running at optimal levels.

Top Tier Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our top tier customer service and dependability.  Quality is our focus followed by the long-term relationships we wish to form with all of our clients.  Throughout your journey, we work side-by-side with you to determine the best laundry solutions for you and your facility.

Commercial Laundries can help you create the laundry facility you have always envisioned.  We are here to guide you through the process and show you how you can improve your business and reach your full potential.  The sky is the limit with our exceptional laundry equipment.  Contact us today at 407-986-1410, or click here to start your free estimate.

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