Is it Time to Lease Your Building’s Commercial Washers and Dryers?

December 28, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment , Orlando

Leasing Commercial Washers and Dryers

Leasing: Not Just for Your Vehicles

You’ve heard of leasing a car, but did you know you can also lease commercial washers and dryers for your laundry facility? In fact, leasing commercial washer and dryers is a smart business move for multi-housing units, academic environments, on-premise locations, and more.

In this article, we’ll look at the advantages of leasing commercial laundry equipment, things to consider when choosing a commercial washer and dryer, and how Commercial Laundries Inc. in Orlando can help meet your laundry needs.

6 Advantages of Leasing Commercial Washers and Dryers

Wondering if leasing commercial laundry machines are the right choice for you? It’s essential to explore your options before making a decision. Here are six advantages of leasing commercial washers and dryers to help you decide if you should lease your laundry equipment:

  1. Reliable and high-quality commercial washers and dryers: When you lease your washers and dryers, you know you’ll always have reliable and high-quality machines. No matter what brand you choose, such as Maytag or Speed Queen, you can take comfort in the fact that your machines will work wonders on your clients’ laundry.

  2. Affordable monthly rental costs: Another perk to leasing washers and dryers is an affordable monthly rental payment with no extra surprise fees or costs. For example, if a machine breaks down and needs a repair or replacement, there’s no extra cost to you. In fact, when you lease equipment from Commercial Laundries, you simply have to pay your monthly leasing bill and we’ll take care of the rest. Leasing laundry equipment can help you stay on budget, while still satisfying your customers.

  3. Installation by professionals: Proper laundry installation is crucial for your machines to work the way they’re supposed to. When you lease commercial washers and dryers, you can rely on skilled installation professionals to properly install all leased machines. At Commerical Laundries, not only will a skilled professional install the machines, but they’ll also inspect them afterward to ensure they’re ready for operation.

  4. Maintenance, service, and repair plans: Another reason to lease your laundry machines is the service plans. When leasing laundry equipment, if something goes wrong with the washer and dryer, you don’t have to worry about finding a professional to come to inspect and repair the machines. Instead, you call us at Commercial Laundries, to perform any maintenance, repairs, or replacements, as needed. All at no extra cost to you.

  5. Commercial washer and dryer options: It’s good to have options when it comes to commercial washers and dryers. Leasing your machines gives you just that. From coin-operated machines and smart laundry card options to top-loading and front-loading, there are many different types of machines to choose from. If you’re unsure about which is the right fit for you, consult with Commercial Laundries leasing professionals to learn more about which may work best for you.

  6. Satisfied customers: At the end of the day, you want your customers to be satisfied with your facility and machines. That’s exactly what you’ll have when you lease your washers and dryers with Commercial Laundries. Since leased machines are high-quality equipment, you can be confident you’re providing your clients with the services they need.

  Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Washer and Dryer to Lease

Renting commercial washers and dryers save business owners the expense of purchasing new equipment, while also improving cash flow, providing a tax advantage, and removing the commitment of sticking with outdated or not functioning laundry machines. However, there are still things to consider before signing a lease agreement upfront. These are five things to consider before leasing commercial laundry equipment:

  1. Costs: One of the biggest considerations to think of when deciding to lease commercial washers and dryers or buy new equipment are the costs. One of the first terms that define a rental agreement is the monthly rental cost. Before deciding to lease laundry equipment, ensure that the recurring monthly fees are within your budget. It’s important to note that better laundry equipment can lead to lower utility costs and may offer a tax advantage.

  2. Service, maintenance, and replacement details: Service can be expensive, especially if unexpected or outside normal repairman business hours. Before signing the rental agreement, make sure service fees are included in the monthly cost or are offered at a discounted rate. Additionally, regularly scheduled maintenance inspections should be included in monthly fees, as well.

  3. Leasing agreement terms and conditions: Depending on the retailer, rental agreement terms and conditions will differ. Because of this, it’s important to be sure that the terms allow you to replace equipment on a regular basis so that you always have the most updated equipment.

  4. Top-tier equipment: If you’re tired of wondering how your equipment is running, then leasing may be the better option for you. You’ll always know you have the most high-quality equipment on the market. It’s top-tier equipment that increases customer satisfaction, reduces cycle time, and saves utility costs with enhanced efficiency.

  5. Advanced features on the equipment: With modern laundry technology comes advanced features that make laundry services that much easier. Incorporating these commercial washers and dryers with advanced features can enhance the laundry experience for customers and add additional value to the renting process.

 Commercial Laundries Makes it Easy to Lease the Best Commercial Washers and Dryers for Your Building

If you’re not sure where to find washer and dryer equipment in Orlando, look no further than Commercial Laundries. At Commercial Laundries, not only can you lease laundry equipment, but you can do so with a customized contract that fits your specific laundry needs. In fact, the leasing programs at Commercial Laundries are designed to improve the laundry experience for you, as well as your customers. Our leasing plans are structured to help you increase your revenue while simultaneously saving you money on utilities such as water, gas, and electricity.

From coin-operated commercial washers and dryers from brands like Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, you can find exactly what you need at Commercial Laundries. Choose from the different commercial washer and dryer models to ensure you have what works best for you and your facility.

Leasing your laundry equipment with Commercial Laundries provides all you need, including regular maintenance and repairs. Commercial Laundries performs maintenance at no extra cost to leasing customers like you. In fact, we often award our leasing customers with signing bonuses or a balance for laundry room improvements at the signing of, or renewal of, contracts. No matter what you need, Commercial Laundries will work with you to select the perfect machinery.

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