How to Lease RV Park Laundry Equipment

January 11, 2021 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing , Laundry Equipment Services , Orlando

Boost your patronage and their satisfaction with high performance, energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment for RV parks.

lease RV park laundry equipment

Equipping your RV park with a laundry amenity and dependable washers and dryers is a wise way to attract campers and retain visitors.  An onsite laundry facility offers great comfort to your patrons when they are on the road and it allows you to cater to their needs.  Get the benefits of premium commercial laundry equipment for RV parks when you partner with a trustworthy supplier to lease RV park laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries Orlando has heavy-duty, durable machines for purchase or lease that will transform your property.  Here are some of the things you can expect when you lease coin or card-operated laundry equipment for RV parks from us at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

Lease RV Park Laundry Equipment that is Dependable and User-Friendly

Whether you are looking to develop a new laundry amenity or update an existing facility, it is important that you invest in quality machines that offer great performance and longevity.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we only work with reliable manufacturers that produce top of the line equipment.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool have some of the best machines on that market and are known for their innovation and endurance.

Large Capacity Washtubs

Capacity is everything, especially when you are dealing with big laundry loads and bulky linens.  On the go, people pack for all sorts of weather and situations and need competent washers and dryers to get the job done.  Lease RV park equipment that is able to handle the heavy laundry demands of your patrons.

Soft-Mount Design

Easy installation is key when it comes to soft-mount washers and dryers.  Because of their design, they can be quickly set up without drilling or strong reinforcement as with hard-mount machines.  Soft-mount equipment allows washers and dryers to be easily put in place and moved around for fast installation and operation.

High-Speed Moisture Extraction

High-speed washers get the job done faster and cheaper.  With rapid extraction speeds, washers remove more water and moisture to reduce drying time and utility usage.  Speeds up to 400 g-force ensure maximum water removal and dryer garments, resulting in huge savings on energy.

Customized Wash Cycles for Ultimate Control

Commercial Laundries’ coin and card-operated laundry equipment for RV parks have advanced programmability to give your patrons control over laundry experience and needs.  With their user-friendly controls, residents and visitors can adjust water temperature, water level, prewash selections, rotation action, and rinse numbers.  With more customizable options, your patrons will get exactly what they need from your facility.

Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers

Living or traveling in an RV allows one to live off the grid if they so choose to.  This ecofriendly option also coincides with our energy effacing coin and card-operated laundry equipment for RV parks that require less water, gas, and power to operate.  Washers’ fast spin cycle, combined with dryers’ moisture sensors, helps reduce their impact, leading to lower utility and operational costs.

Modern Cashless Laundry Technology

Go cashless by giving your patrons the option to pay with a card or a mobile laundry payment app.  Not only will you make your job easier by making all transactions virtual, but you will increase the security and cleanliness in your laundry facility with the elimination of cash and the addition of contactless payments.

Lease RV Park Laundry Equipment and Save

Commercial Laundries Orlando has reliable equipment and efficient services and maintenance programs to make your laundry amenity successful.  Our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program is a smart way to save on upfront costs and get your facility running in no time.  Save even more with our free service and maintenance plans to protect your investment and keep your machines running efficiently.

Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando today at, (407) 986-1410 to find out more about our commercial laundry equipment for RV parks.

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