Is it Better to Lease or Buy Card Operated Laundry Machines?

lease card operated washers and dryers

Deciding to lease or buy card operated laundry machines may seem like a big undertaking, but when you have the guidance of a commercial laundry supplier that you trust, you will be certain to make the right choice for your laundry amenity.

There are great benefits when you buy or lease commercial laundry washers and dryers, however, both come with different responsibilities and freedoms that may better suit you and your property.  Owning your equipment comes with autonomy and leasing comes with the extra support you may be searching for.  Here we have outlined some of the advantages when you buy or lease commercial laundry equipment.

Buy or Lease Commercial Laundry:  What are the Benefits?

What is your management style?  How much control do you wish to have over your laundry facility and your machines?  When you are debating whether to lease or buy card operated laundry machines, you will find there are different levels of financial and maintenance responsibilities you never considered before.  Check out the benefits and responsibilities of each to make a more informed decision and choose the right plan of action for your individual needs.

Purchasing Your Washers and Dryers

Initial Cost:  When you buy your equipment outright, you will be responsible for the upfront costs.  Purchasing quality commercial grade washers and dryers are imperative to getting the most out of your investment and delivering on performance for your residence.  Not only that, but top-of-the-line machines will save you a lot in the end, requiring fewer repairs and maintenance.  Additionally, their energy-efficient features will help you save on water and electricity and cut costs on utilities.

Installation:  When you purchase commercial-grade machines, the price usually includes installation, electrical cords and connections, water and drain hoses, and filters.  These added-on costs could cost you anywhere from $1,000 and up for each machine.

Maintenance and Repairs:  Service, maintenance, and repair costs all fall on the responsibility of the owner.  For each machine, this can be costly and time-consuming.  Make sure that you perform routine maintenance to protect the integrity of your machines and enroll in a service and maintenance program to help protect your machines and your investment.

Renting Your Washers and Dryers

Initial Cost:  When you lease card operated laundry equipment you will face little to no upfront cost.  With no loan needed, this option tends to be the most cost-effective and budget-friendly.  When you work with a dependable supplier, you will be given your choice of commercial-grade washers and dryers that fit within your budget and needs.

Installation:  Delivery and installation are free of charge.

Maintenance and Repairs:  When you lease card operated laundry equipment with a reliable and full-service distributor, like Commercial Laundries Orlando, all your service and maintenance costs are free of charge and included in your leasing agreement.  These routine checks will keep your machines running efficiently and prevent unnecessary repairs.

lease or buy card operated laundry machines

Lease or Buy Card Operated Laundry Equipment from Commercial Laundries Orlando

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have the most reliable equipment and purchasing and leasing options to suit your budget and your needs.  When you lease or buy card operated laundry machines from us, you will have your choice of our top of the line equipment from world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.  Whether you want to buy our competitively priced machines or lease commercial laundry through our affordable program, we have the solutions for you.

Give us a call today and speak with one of our helpful sales associates at, (407) 986-1410 to buy or lease commercial laundry machines or for more information and guidance on the best route for your property.

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