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April 13, 2016 | Categories: Laundry equipment leasing

Excite tenants and generate revenue by leasing commercial laundry equipment


Lease Commercial Laundry EquipmentIs your property’s onsite laundry facility out of date, inefficient or perhaps not appealing to potential renters? If so, it may be time to upgrade your multi-housing rental property’s onsite laundry area with eye-catching, efficient and affordable washers and dryers. When you lease commercial laundry equipment from the leaders in the industry, you are adding an enticing amenity to your property and opening up the possibility of an additional revenue stream.

An onsite laundry area is an amenity almost all renters expect nowadays, and according to surveys conducted by the National Multi-housing Council, having an onsite facility lands in the top three of sought after amenities. Not only can it help set your property apart from others in the area but it can also make current renters more satisfied. Let’s face it, having to haul large loads of laundry to an offsite Laundromat after a long day of work or school can be grueling, time consuming and expensive. With our coin and card operated commercial laundry equipment options available for lease, you can offer your tenants an affordable, fast and easy way to launder their clothes.

Coin operated machines are well known and have been used for many decades. Occupants will insert coins using the attached coin slider and then be able to launder a load of clothing. For property owners and managers, various coin vaults sizes are available depending on your schedule and how often you can collect coins from your onsite facility. Our coin sliders and coin vaults are made with the latest technology to deter theft, tampering and the use of foreign coins or slugs.

Card operated laundry equipment is also available for lease and includes the installation of a CleanPay kiosk in your laundry facility. Each tenant or occupant will be given a Smartcard, which is refillable at the CleanPay kiosk via his or her debit/credit card or cash. One swipe of the card is all it takes to launder clothing. Property owners enjoy using this high-tech system because everything is digitally recorded, archived and accounted for, making bookkeeping a breeze when the time comes.

No matter what type of laundry system you select, when you lease commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries you are getting top tier machines that will offer you longevity, durability and high performance. Plus, at no extra cost to you, our certified and trained technicians will repair and service your machines ensuring they are running at optimal efficiency levels.

Clients enjoy visiting our massive, 15,000 square foot warehouse that is stocked with both used and new machines from Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen and more. Whether you are updating or installing machines for the first time in a multi-housing rental community, dormitory, commercial or industrial property, our skilled representatives can help you decide which is the right type of equipment for your needs, budget and desires. With top loading, front loading and stackable equipment to choose from, we believe you will find exactly what you need at Commercial Laundries.

Isn’t it time to upgrade your property using the most efficient and affordable machines available, all while bringing in an additional revenue stream? Let us help you today!

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