Laundry Room Solutions for Commercial Buildings

laundry room solutions

Find quick and easy laundry room solutions and ideas with the help of Commercial Laundries.

Did you know that using innovative laundry room ideas is a smart marketing strategy? You can revamp your commercial laundry facility with a new laundry room layout or some quick pick-me-up tips that can make a dramatic, positive impact on your patrons. Commercial Laundries can help you cheer-up a tired laundry facility, and also suggest some additional money-making laundry room solutions.

Laundry Room Ideas

Even if your laundry facility is on the small side, there is always room for improvement. Getting the right color scheme and some fresh paint can go a long way in creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere that patrons can enjoy coming into to perform their laundry tasks.

Laundry room layout schemes are also important for creating an easy traffic flow that patrons can effortlessly navigate through around your facility. If you need to maximize space in a small facility, you can select some of our best space-saving stackable laundry machines. Our stackable laundry equipment takes up half the space as standard machines and provides the same high level of performance.

By adding additional services and products you can also increase your profit margin. Our laundry room solutions include installing vending machines that provide snacks and drinks, or laundry products like detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, etc. If you are able to, keep your vending machines upfront and visible so that your patrons can see what is available to them. It is always good to know that if you run out of laundry detergent you can always purchase some at the vending machine in the laundry facility.

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Laundry Room Solutions

Commercial Laundries is a leading laundry dealer in Florida, serving thousands of laundry facilities across the state since 1972. Our commitment to our clients is to assist them in operating a successful laundry business by providing them with exceptional laundry products and valuable services. Some of our services include delivery and installation of laundry machines, removal of old laundry equipment, maintenance and repair services, affordable service contracts, and complimentary Utility Assessment Reports.

Our Assessment Reports provide our clients with the information they need to operate an efficient, cost-effective laundry facility. One of our technicians can inspect your laundry facility to determine its status of operations. They can identify snags in your set-up that may be causing excess water and energy usage, malfunctions, or conditions that place unnecessary stress on machine parts.

Your complimentary Report can outline any problems that currently exist in your laundry facility and provide you with the best laundry room solutions that will effectively address those problems. There is no pressure on your part to move forward in addressing problems; we leave that decision entirely up to you. But you will have valuable information that can improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and help to sustain your laundry equipment.

Our laundry room ideas also include laundry room layouts for new laundry facilities. If you are building a new laundry facility, our professional team can assist in helping you make the right judgments on machine placement, water, and electrical hook-ups, water drainage and more. You can begin to appreciate the importance of a laundry room layout, and how it can benefit you and your patrons when you speak with our knowledgeable team.

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